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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A response to a writer on Face Book

Christina Stauffer on Face Book Wrote:

Thank you, Gary. Nice to read something intelligent on this subject. By the way....exactly when did we start equating religious freedom to the right to discriminate against others who don't share the same beliefs? So....does that mean Christian clerks can refuse marriage licenses to Muslims? How about to an interracial couple....I mean there's lots of stuff in the Old Testament about "mixing" being a no no. Then maybe Protestant clerks can start refusing licenses to Catholics or to folks from that strange church across town. How far is Mr. Jindal going to carry this stupidity?

You defined the problem exactly. Countries, which are slowly taken over by religion (any religion) soon discover that if given an inch, religion will take a mile. A secular nation cannot let religion get as much as a toehold on a secular society.

Letting people decide which civil liberties they will grant based solely on their religious beliefs opens Pandora’s box and leads to chaos. Discrimination must be stopped on a secular level. Personal religious beliefs should never dictate public policy.

Once civil liberties are decided by religious views, religious war break out and the surviving religion imposes its religious beliefs on all the rest of society. Losing religions soon find their religious beliefs banned and discriminated against.

Claims of religious freedom, for discrimination purposes, cannot be tolerated in a free society. The consequences are always bad. Civil liberties are always sacrificed. Religious dictatorships always form. History has many examples of this destructive cycle on people and nations. We must not allow religions to make public policy.
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