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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bush: You need 'boots on the ground'

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My comment:

Every time this man opens his mouth, I wonder why he hasn't been charged with War Crimes. The United States will never regain its honor until as a nation we admit we were wrong about Iraq.

Germany did a lot of bad things in WWII but after their defeat, they repented, admitted their error and to this day they continue to hunt down even the guards at death camps and put them on trial. Germany has regained its honor through repentance and they are a respected and honored nation on the world stage, again.

The United States will need to repent for its actions in Iraq and until we do, we can never claim moral superiority in an immoral world. Continuing to brag and boast about how we as a nation killed several hundred thousand innocent people in a war based on a lie, only serves to denigrate all Americans.

There are over 5,000 families in America looking at the pictures of their loved ones, hanging on a wall, who would be alive today if it were not for the criminal behavior of a single man and his dishonest cronies. This man's incredible mistake has repercussions for generations not yet born.

I cannot imagine the suffering an American mother and father endure every day, knowing their child died for nothing. Every time this man opens his mouth, relatives of soldiers who perished because of lie, must somehow tell themselves there was reason for their child's sacrifice.

However, when all is said and done, and parents are alone with their thoughts the silence of night increases their sorrow. They must endure this pain all the rest of their lives because of a man who will likely rot in hell for his actions. Parents will put on a public face and proclaim their child died for a reason but they must tell themselves this lie or admit their child died for nothing. An admission like that would be too hard to bear.

This smug little man, so wrong about so many things, should slither away and be silent all the rest of his years. He should be thankful he is not sitting in a jail cell. He should be very concerned about the judgment he will face upon his final demise. I don't know much about God and do not claim I know what's on His mind, but every ounce of my being tells me George W. Bush's deeds  did not sit well with our Creator.

Continuing to brag about our sins will only further irritate our Creator. Defending this man only makes one an accomplice in the horrendous crime this nation perpetrated on the human race. Those who aided and encouraged mass murder should shut their mouths forever. They should not run for President of the United States.
It’s one thing to have supported war with Iraq because you were given misinformation. You were manipulated by liars and deceivers. You allowed yourself to believe no American would kill people because of a personal grudge. Because you were misled, you supported war.

However, once enlightened to the truth and you continue to perpetrate the lie, you are guilty of the sin as well. We don’t need another lying murdering President to lead our nation. We will never regain our honor supporting someone like that. 
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