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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wisconsin Senate approves right-to-work bill, sends to State Assembly

What does every dictatorship have in common? No unions. What does every free society have? Unions.

Dictatorships don't have a 40 hr. work week. They don't pay overtime if you work more than 40 hrs. Dictatorships don't have breaks or lunch periods.  Dictatorships make workers work long hrs., with no benefits, and they employ child labor. There is no retirement plan in a dictatorship and medical plans are only a dream for the workers.

If a company within a dictatorship does well, the workers will never share in its success even though the workers are the people who make companies succeed. That’s right, a millionaire’s money is worthless if they don’t have good workers to make their companies succeed and be profitable.

Congratulations UNION BUSTERS. Your goals match exactly the goals of corporate dictatorships. Don't think for one second corporations are your friend. Never believe corporations will give you a raise or a benefit if it hurts their profit margin. Corporations look after their shareholders first. You, lowly worker, will never get a break from your money grabbing company.

Many people in America enjoy the benefits Unions fought and shed blood for you. Thank you very much UNION BUSTERS. Back stabbers, traitors and ungrateful slobs.

Corporations would treat American workers like Chinese coolies if it were not for Unions and a government not in the hands of corporatists. Now that our government is bought and paid for by the likes of the Koch Brothers, and with the demise of Unions, who is going to look after the American worker?

The answer is, no one will look after you. The Chinese work model is descending upon us. Thanks to you UNION BUSTERS, Americans may have to move to China to get a raise.
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