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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sarah Palin Gave A Very Un-Sarah Palin Speech At CPAC

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My Response:

It’s about time Sarah Palin said something positive. She seems to have made a career of bad mouthing people. She’s been so bad with her name calling one must consider if she is truly a Christian. She has a lot of potential but needs to appeal to a broader base of support if she wants anyone to take her seriously in the future.

Regarding her subject. “Our Poor Veterans”. I wonder if anyone else is getting tired of hearing about our hero’s from the last two wars.  You know! How much they suffered. How much they are suffering today. Compared to previous wars, the latest crop of Veterans didn’t suffer too much, considering the pansy wars they participated in.

Current veterans didn’t suffer a fraction of the casualties suffered by Viet Nam era veterans, (WWII and Korea as well).  Present day veterans have one thing in common with Viet Nam vets. Invading a foreign country for false reasons and killing several hundred thousand innocent civilians based entirely on a lie, is their common ground.  

One can say Viet Nam, Afghan and Iraqi veterans have much in common with German soldiers in WWII. Good German soldiers performed their duty while invading foreign countries based a lies as well. Just imagine if Germany were to start making heroes of their soldiers in WWII. It wouldn’t go over too well, would it? Our bragging and boasting today is very distasteful around the world.

Thank you very much for serving your country. You get a pat on the back. However, people need to quit treating our trigger-happy video game killers as though they are some poor picked on class of Americans who deserve more than other veterans do. They don’t deserve more than their fellow Americans living on our streets today.

The truth is, during the ten-year history of our last two wars, our military suffered about 5,000 deaths or an average of about 500 per year. During that same period, around 400,000 Americans died from gunshot wounds, 500,000 died from lack of health care and another 400,000 died from car accidents.

It was more dangerous living in America than it was to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are more PTSD cases among American children living in our inner cities than the military ever experienced. It’s time to stop making excuses for a bunch of cry babies who didn’t suffer very much. We need to relieve taxpayers and stop draining our treasury supporting a bunch of losers.

Thank you Sarah Palin for your kind words. However, like so many of your kind, you need to get your head on straight. There are American values requiring much more attention than our veterans do.
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