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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site'

My response to a story located at:

Here we go again. Another example of how America has slid down that slippery hill. When 911 occurred, America lost more than a building and innocent lives on that fateful day. America stepped into a dark tunnel and the light at the end is absent

Yes, our country has a long history of civil rights abuses but over time, we always seemed to correct our mistakes. Currently, there is not a plausible movement to correct our errors. The people have accepted dictatorship and nobody complained.

After 911 America allowed a President and his entire administration to perform murder by torture, kidnapping, rendering and a false war murdering half a million innocent people. America cheered, bragged and boasted. America encouraged our leaders to commit further crimes. The American people accepted dictatorship and cheered. Europe cried. The world wondered what happened to the Golden land.

After 911, a new dictatorship spied on Americans without a warrant and Americans approved. Many people objected but were called names, chastised, even fired from their jobs for defending what America used to be. News services became afraid to report the news and lied to the people to protect their jobs.

Set loose by a criminal administration American soldiers went into Afghanistan and Iraq with virtually no restrictions. Murder and mayhem ensued and military commanders having the sense to stop such behavior in times past went silent.
US soldiers went on a killing spree as they exacted America's vengeance on old men, women and children.

Now those trigger happy video game killers have come home and many police departments employ them. Slapped on the back and congratulated for their crimes many of our heroes are now doing their trigger-happy, shoot first; ask questions later behavior on American citizens. Like a disease, this attitude spread to others who never served in the military.

Cops are killing unarmed people around the country and are getting away with it. They get away with it because America has accepted dictatorship. America has traded its civil liberties for security. America rewarded war criminals when they re-elected George W. Bush for a second term.

Is it any wonder an interrogation center in Chicago, depicted in this news story, can exist in our nation? Our leaders and their followers have committed massive war crimes. These criminals bragged the people made them heroes. An example has been set. It has become common behavior. Police officers secretly interrogating, torturing and even killing is the norm today.

None of those officers or political leaders who participated in or authorized such a facility in the United States will pay for what they have done. America has already accepted dictatorship. We are just too proud to admit it. The loud mouths, the bully's, the authoritarians and braggarts have taken over country and the people approve. The meek shall inherit the earth but not any time soon in America.
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