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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Graham: Iran deal ‘akin to declaring war on Israel’

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My comment:
Iran is no more a threat to the world than Iraq was. Being afraid of their own shadow appears to be a Republican trait they are willing to use for their own political benefit. Fear was the tool Republicans used to get us into a war crimes situation just a few years ago. The American people,
easily manipulated were taken advantage of by liars, warmongers and profiteers.

Flush with success, Republicans are using the same tactics to manipulate the American people again. The words coming out of Republican mouths appear to originate from the pits of Hell. Only Satan would engage in the destructive behavior displayed by the Republican Party today.

Once a person gets over their fear and realizes negotiations for a peaceful settlement are far better than Republican solutions, this is not such a bad deal. This is true if there was nothing to fear in the first place. Pretending Iran is a greater threat than Russia, China, Pakistan and North Korea is just going too far. How much more damage will these Republicans do to our nation anyway? They are single handedly destroying America.

There is another issue in play seldom spoken about. The issue of course is that United States opinion doesn't matter much anymore. After invading a country for no reason and killing half a million people just for fun, America lost its moral standing in the world. After kidnapping people, torturing them to death and bragging about it didn't help our credibility either.

Getting indignant and blustering about how evil Iran is falls on deaf ears in the International Community. There is a political party in the United States in control of two thirds of our government that will not admit any errors in the past and is threatening more of the same mistakes in the future. War criminals threatening more war crimes will not restore our honor in the eyes of the world.

The truth is, America has become so irrelevant that if other nations involved in this negotiated deal with Iran implemented the terms of the agreement, end of story. Are Republican egos so out of control they have forgotten several other world powers are part of this deal as well? The world doesn't need the United States to lift the sanctions. Just ignore the warmongers in the United States and carry on.

Because of George W. Bush and his Republican friends, the United States just doesn't matter anymore. America is like a bunch of crazy people waving their arms around on top of a hill, shouting at the top of their voice but no one listens. Those people over there are just nuts. Thanks a lot Republican fools.
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