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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Overcome Republican Advantage in Media Coverage

Dated 7/29/2015

On MSN's political page there are 20 stories. Fifteen of those stories focus on Republicans in one way or the other. It's like that every day. Many Republican candidates were represented. Democrats are missing.

There is not a single mention of Hillary. We are losing the media war. If one-sided reporting in favor of Republicans is not reversed, we will lose the election. Republicans are masters of manipulating the media outlets. They are doing it right now.

We need to start debates among Democrats seeking the nomination, now.  Perceptions are forming now. The election is being won or lost right now. A clear difference between the Parties needs definition now. Waiting to react later will not overcome opinions formed today.

Get Democrats debating as soon as possible. Have Democrats debating Republicans as Bernie suggested. Grab the headlines today or grab your butt tomorrow.
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