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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Our Military is Bankrupting America

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Donald Trump Earns Backing of
Nearly 90 Military Figures
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We are already spending more on defense than the next ten countries combined. Our defense spending is bankrupting our country. You don’t hear many people put it like that, do you? In fact, I have not heard a Democrat or a Republican say, “the Department of Defense is bankrupting America”.

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As an example, our military has successfully scared the American public into thinking Russia is an immense threat to the United States and therefore we need to spend more money on our Military Industrial Complex. Nothing could be further from the truth and yet propaganda is winning the day with the American public.

Judging by the infographic published by RIA Novosti (with reference to the IHS Jane's), Russian expenditures on military went down to fourth place in the world. Behind the US (569,3 billion), China (190,9 billion), UK (66,5 billion dollars). Russia - 53,2 billion and France with 52.7 billion.

Please keep in mind, 569,3 billion spent by American taxpayers, is just for the Department of Defense (DOD). Throw in another 100 billion for our intelligence agencies and you have a whopping 659 billion being funneled to our national defense.

Taking into account just the spending for military items, the United States could defend itself, as well as Russia does, by spending around 516 billion dollars less per year, than it does now!

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If anyone is keeping count, that’s 5.1 trillion dollars over a ten-year period to fix what is wrong with this country. Instead, it is going down a black hole called the Military Industrial Complex. With the approval of propagandized American people, the profiteers are getting away with it.

We are much too busy meddling in the affairs of other countries. Education, infrastructure and our social fabric is disintegrating before our eyes and these ex-military leaders want more money. People have very short memories regarding the collapse of the old Soviet Union.

The truth is, the old Soviet Union spent too much money on their military. Instead of building roads, enabling the movement of raw materials and finished goods to move from one area of their country to another, they built missiles. They ignored their infrastructure, among many things and ultimately, they collapsed. The United States is making the same mistake the soviets made and eventually, we too will collapse.

Half our nation “worships” the military in an abnormal way. Half our nation would rather have a new fighter jet than to see our hungry children fed. We are talking about Republicans right? Republicans would rather see 50,000 Americans die each year from lack of health care, just so they can have a few more tanks. Now, we have a bunch of ex-military leaders, wanting even more suffering by the people, so they can have more weapons.

The Intelligence Agencies can't find their ass with both hands in the dark and the the military has to spend millions of dollars for every individual terrorist they kill. We are bankrupting our nation fighting a shadow. An enemy like the old Soviet Union no longer exists. Republican shadowboxers are consuming our nation’s wealth. Americans are suffering and dying in order to feed the greed of the military industrial complex.

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At least in the past, we had a real threat confronting us. 10,000 Russian nuclear missiles aimed at America was far more serious than a bunch of pissed off Muslims living in sand castles armed with nothing more than their rifles.

Our bridges are falling down, our roads are un-drivable, our kids are not getting educated or fed and the re-education of our workforce is not taking place. As our nation suffers from a lack of our most basic needs, these military intellects want to spend even more money chasing shadows they have created, in order to enrich their own personal wealth.

What's really sad is that millions of thoughtless Americans fall for the propaganda every time. They will elect yet another warmonger for President, to the detriment of their own wellbeing. If anybody wonders if propaganda works, all one needs to do is to look at the American public for confirmation.

Trump could win this next election simply because the American people got maneuvered by propaganda once again. The Military Industrial Complex will bankrupt our nation just like it did to the old Soviet Union.
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