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Thursday, September 8, 2016

How Much Damage Can Trump Do? A Lot!

Trump tears into ‘Lyin’ Hillary’

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My comment:
I look at the headline for today’s story and notice Trump is calling names again, so I skip the story entirely and move on to the comments section.

Once in the comments section, I notice a continuation of all the lies and even shoddier name calling by the Trump supporters making comments. After a long campaign season, I'm still not sure what Trump wants to do if he becomes POTUS. I am sick and tired of all the name calling Trump and his supporters are doing. It’s like watching children at an elementary school playground. Such children!

There must be something wrong with me. I can’t imagine someone becoming the leader of the Free World, when all he can do is call names. Hillary is many things but she deserves a little respect simply because she was a First Lady, a US Senator and Secretary of State. If you can’t respect those things, what do you respect?

She has helped millions of people throughout her career and deserves more than a constant barrage
of pointless name calling accompanied with false accusations. Coming from someone who has never helped anyone but himself, attacking someone who has devoted her entire life to helping people seems cheesy and out of place. Yes, there are some things about Hillary I dislike but her “good” outweighs her “bad” by a long shot.

There is something not quite right when one considers a classless billionaire who knows only how to cheat people and call them names, becoming the President of the United States. Yea sure! I admit it! I think the POTUS should demonstrate a certain amount of good manners and conduct themselves in a way making me proud he/she is an American. If, every time he opens his mouth, I am ashamed, that person is not for me. Just saying!

I think Trump wants to build a wall but tell you the truth, I'm not really sure how he will go about doing that. I think he wants to expel millions of people from the country but again, I'm not sure how he will do that. Building the wall will cost more than anyone wants to pay. I wonder if Republicans really want to spend that much money?

Trump can’t do anything without the approval of Congress, unless he plans to ignore that branch of government. Is that what he is planning? How else can he accomplish his goals? We may be looking at dictatorship and millions of Americans will support him.

By the time the wall is built, maintained and staffed by our military, in just a ten-year period of time, we are talking well over a trillion dollars. Trump talks about Mexico paying for the wall but where will Mexico get that kind of money? If they don't pay, do we attack and bomb them?

What other stupid ideas is Trump capable of? In only a year Trump has come up with more stupid ideas than anyone thought possible. What is he capable of promoting four years down the road? It’s scary just thinking of what he will do.

The American tax payer is going to get stuck with Trump's bright ideas. If Mexico doesn't pay for the wall and all its expenses, where will the money come from? Since Republicans are mostly in favor of Trump's plan for a wall, maybe the IRS can levy a surcharge, just on registered Republicans. No? Just saying. Should people opposed to the wall have to pay for it?

Trump talks about seizing the wages people send back home to foreign countries. He will have to suspend portions of the Constitution in order to do that. Many American citizens will have their wages seized because of all the mistakes inherent with such a stupid program. By the time all the lawsuits come in, more will be paid out then what comes in.

Expelling millions of people in a Sheriff Joe Arpaio racial profile operation will sweep up many American citizens in wrongful expulsions. Like it or not, under the 14th Amendment, kids born in the United States are U.S. Citizens. One cannot retroactively revoke citizenship. Only a dictator can do that. Sending US citizens, to live in a third world country, against their will, is brimming with expensive law suites in the future.

What makes anyone think Mexico wants to harbor expelled American citizens while everyone waits for the legal process to work out? Can you imagine the news videos of American children being forcibly expelled from US Territory and dropped off in a foreign country? Not all those US born children come from Mexico, you know?

The parents of many of those US citizens come from South America. What is Trump going to do? Will he load up a plane full of Colombian parents and their American children, fly them to Columbia and unload them at an airport? What if Columbia won’t accept them? What happens to our US citizens? How many wrongful deaths will occur and who will pay for the damages?

What if Mexico won't except all the people we expel? What are we looking at here? Boat loads of South Americans with their American children floating on the oceans looking for a country that will accept them? How many American citizens will die?

Secondly, if the expulsion process breaks up families. Kids will be harmed and again lawsuits will inundate our legal system costing billions in the future. What do you think will happen if you expel illegal parents but leave the children in the United States? What kind of damages will that cause? Trump won’t be in office and it will probably be up to Democrats to clean up his mess. The total cost in class action suits will exceed the cost of the wall.

So once again we have a story about Donald Trump, filled with name calling and no solutions. It's getting pretty old now, so why even read the story? Reading the comments section makes me realize, the last thing any of us want, is to have Trump supporters running the country.

The only thing more ridiculous than Trump, is his supporters. I didn't think that was possible but Trump supporters are proving me wrong. Nothing good can come from someone proposing so many bad ideas. Don’t look for any improvements if Trump supporters are in positions of power.

If Trump and his supporters get control of all branches of government, how many years will it take to correct all the damage they do? Will Trump permanently damage America? He could do a lot of damage and it will be with the approval of the American people if he wins the coming election.

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