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Sunday, September 4, 2016

If you think threatening me will gain my respect, you are wrong!

Santa Clara Police Union threatens to stop working 49ers games

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If the police don't understand someone's First Amendment Rights, perhaps they should be put on administrative leave, sent back to school and kept off the streets until they learn what their job is. They shouldn't stop protecting the public because one person stages a protest. It’s not up to members of a police department to determine when someone can exercise their right to Free Speech and when they cannot.

If the police disregard their sworn duty to enforce the laws of our nation, they shouldn't be police officers at all. Every single police officer, threatening to not do their duty, should be fired without pay. What other Civil Liberties do these police officers not understand? Have the police in this case, forgotten a very important principal of the American dream?

"I may disagree with what you say or what you believe, but I will fight to the death for your right to say and believe as you please, as long as you are legal". I'm paraphrasing of course.

There are no laws requiring you to stand during the National Anthem. If you are forced by the government to stand up for the National Anthem, then that government is not worth standing up for. I will tell you this much. I will not stand up for our National Anthem in order to please you, when you know so little about American values.

If I stand up for the National Anthem, I will do so only as a voluntary action on my part. I will not stand up if some government entity demands respect from me. My respect for government is exercised only in a voluntary way. You, or the government cannot gain respect from me with your threats.

If I must stand up for the National Anthem because of your threat to punish me, I will stand up, if forced too, but, I won’t stand up out of respect for the song. I will stand up out of fear of you.

If you think threatening me will gain my respect, you are wrong!

If you are one of those people demanding people stand up for the national Anthem, or you will punish them, you should never be in a position of authority. You should never be a policeman, that's for sure. As a matter of fact, if I knew you were like that, you would never eat dinner at my table. What other demands are you capable of making of me and my family? I wouldn’t want your kind to have any interaction with my children.

If your demand for obedience is so strong you want to punish people for not believing as you do, stop waving the American flag. You are not an American anymore. Your behavior is as unpatriotic as somebody waving the American flag and calling for secession.

It makes me sick to my stomach watching someone wave the American flag while demanding the destruction of our nation with the threat of secession. Next thing you know, there will be policemen waving our flag, playing our National Anthem and threatening Federal troops with death when they are called upon to protect citizens from your infringement of their 1st Amendment rights.

There comes a time when people suffering from authoritarian personality disorder, need to shut up. I'm really talking to Trump Republicans, right? Democrats don’t demand obedience.

Isn’t it odd how Democrats defend our Civil Liberties and Republicans work overtime trying to take them away? It makes a person wonder. Who are the real conservatives and who are the real reactionaries? I’ll be voting for those who defend my Civil Liberties and against those who want to take them away.

If I were in charge, I would fire those police officers threatening the public's safety. 
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