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Monday, August 29, 2016

Allies: N. Korea, China, Walmart

Just speculation. No proof. Idle thoughts.

A Podcast of this article can be found HERE

North Korea could start an incident before we have chosen a new President. That could turn out to be very sticky regardless who the next president is. Do me a favor and don't respond with any of your childish comments about the weaknesses or strengths of either candidate. Name calling won't help this situation at all.

Watching how things are turning out, it's very possible the world will have to do something about N. Korea, soon. I just hope the United States doesn't have to go it alone. What about China? Will they sit back and let America take out the N. Korean government? China didn’t sit back during the Korean war in the past. Will they intervene? It is possible China is a match for our military in that part of the world.

Taking out North Korea’s leader needs to be done before he does something stupid. Many of our allies in the region are becoming more and more at risk with each passing month. How many American lives are we willing to spend protecting the emergence of dictators like those in the Philippines? Do we really care what happens to Japan? What about South Korea?

Nuclear weapons can neutralize 28,000 US troops in Korea, in a hurry. Do we really care if China takes over all of Asia? Other than providing cheap labor for profiteers in America, how important is that region of the world to us, anyway?

Should we tell Japan to take care of themselves? If there is a nuclear exchange involving China, North Korea and Japan one day, the only damage to America would be the contamination of our crops and waterways. No big deal, right?

Will G.W. Bush's pre-emptive policy make sense now? Should we wait for the nuking of Seoul before we do anything? What if a nuclear blast kills thousands of US soldiers stationed in the Korean DMZ? Should we continue to have confidence N. Korea is harmless? It's just big talk on their part, right?

Should the United States seriously consider war with North Korea and by default, war with China? Who do we want for our next President? A rank amateur with a big mouth or someone with experience and good judgement? Ask yourselves, if Trump were in charge during the Cuban Missile Crises, do you think we would be here today? If, then, else questions like that are always fun.

N. Korea is on course to massively increase their nuclear strength. They may be capable of placing a warhead on their missiles, soon. In a few years, or even now, the United States is at risk. North Korea hasn’t been developing nuclear technology and missile delivery systems on their own. If you look carefully at their missile systems, they have a strange resemblance to Russian and Chinese missile systems.

They have been conducting submarine launched missile tests which doesn’t require an ICBM to hit US cities. The US has no defense against submarine launched missiles. Nothing full proof anyway. We can thank China, who pretends to be our friend, for this threat to our nation. I will bet North Korea’s submarine launched missile system is similar to what the Chines use. Has anyone figured out China is not our friend, yet?

Can we trust N. Korea to be responsible like Russia and China? You do know, don’t you, Russia and China can kill a couple hundred million Americans as we speak, right now? Does Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) apply to a rogue nation like North Korea? If you have a relative living on the West Coast, are you willing to bet their lives North Korea will do nothing and there is nothing to fear?

Do we trust the leader of North Korea to be harmless over the next 20 years? He will be in power for at least that long if we don't do something. He will continue to get more nuclear capabilities if he is left on his own with no intervention. China and Russia will continue to improve his weapons systems because in the end, they are not friends of the United States.

Walmart continues to profit from cheap Chinese labor. Walmart helps develop Chinese manufacturing which in turn finances military aid to North Korea. If N. Korea nukes one of our cities, is it really Walmart's and China's fault? We already know China is no friend of America. If a US city is nuked by North Korea, will America finally realize, Walmart is as much of an enemy, as China is?

Regardless of who becomes the president, he/she will need a lot of support. Name calling and lies will not help. What do you think? With the people of our nation turning against each other, have "We the People" neutralized our nation and turned ourselves into a bunch of sniveling complainers’, incapable of wiping our own ass, let alone deal with international threats like North Korea?

Whose fault is that anyway? I’m a Democrat, so you already know who I think is to blame. To me, much of our nation’s division focuses on how we should continue as a nation. One side thinks our Constitutional form of government is good. The other side thinks “States Rights” is the way to go.

One side believes in Federalism and the other side believes the old “Confederacy” should be our model. You know, “States Rights”. Can you figure out which form of government is best for the people of our nation? Which form of government would be the strongest in future confrontations with Korea and especially China? Would a North America made up of fifty individual nations all going their own way be better than a United States of America?

Questions, questions, questions! You must be asking yourself, “what’s the matter with that guy”? This is what happens when somebody retires and thinks about things other than chasing women, getting drunk or staying quiet because if he speaks up too much, he could get fired.

Really dumb questions, don’t you think? Or are they?
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