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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ivanka, you don’t know anything about your father. Shut up!

Ivanka Trump: Critics 'scared' of Donald Trump presidency

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My comment:
Cute girl! Speaks well for her father. She would probably be a nice person to know if you took all the politics away. However, that's where it stops. She’s not like most of us. Having everything provided to her, for her entire life, doesn’t make her like you and me.

Despite all her glowing testimonials about her father, the truth is, she only knows her father by what she has read in the newspapers. In other words, I know as much about Donald Trump as Ivanka does. Ivanka was raised by other people in her life. If she has some good qualities, it’s because of people other than her father.

Ivanka’s dad wasn’t there. Rule number one for parents. Be there! Trump provided the money. Trump paid for the nannies. Trump paid for her schooling. But, Trump was not a daddy! In order to be a daddy, you have to eat dinner with your child every night. You have to tuck your child into bed every night. You have to attend every parent teacher conference, for life.

Trump was a businessman and he was away from home constantly. Donald Trump was an absentee father. Truck drivers, traveling salesmen and people in the military have the same problem. Absence from a child’s life does not make a father. Lots of money doesn’t make a father. A man living in a tin shack who is home with his child every night, is a better father than Donald Trump.

This is a little diversion from the subject matter, but if you are a father and you miss the majority of your son’s Little League baseball games because you have to work, don’t call yourself a daddy. If you are a mother and because you work so late, you have to pick up dinner for your kids at McDonalds, don’t call yourself a mommy. You may be a mother and a father but you certainly are not mommy and daddy.
That is why Ivanka’s glowing praise for her father is a little hard to swallow. How much crap will people believe, anyway? At what point does someone just say, “Ivanka, you are a liar. You don’t know anything about your father. Shut up”!
She is being floated as a possible Cabinet member? Wait just a minute. Let's stop deluding ourselves. I prefer an experienced dentist over a rookie. By the same token, I want people in government to have a clue about what's going on. As nice as Ivanka is, she's not qualified. Sorry, if you are putting stock in anything this woman says about government, you are an idiot.

I know, there are those who think all government is bad. Everyone in government is a crook. People working in government are less smart that toothless Ralph, living in Georgia's hill country. It's a movement in our country that will last only as long as it takes people to find out amateurs don't get good results and maybe a few people who know what they are doing, isn't such a bad idea.

Even after the revolution is over and our current government has been destroyed, you will still need some sort of government. I mean, somebody will have to get roads built, right? After everyone gets pissed off and fires the experienced road builder, they might find out the amateur they put in his/her place, isn't doing so well.

Sweet girl, that Ivanka. However, on issues of government, she is the epitome of what an amateur is. She probably doesn't understand the Constitution any more than her father does. Putting amateurs in charge of government would have the same result as a first year dental student inside your mouth.

You start off thinking you have the problem solved but discover that the person inside your mouth made things a lot worse. Many times, amateurs running a revolution and promoting a new government, have the same bad results. History has shown that to be true.

Be careful! You may get what you wish for. A lot of times, fixing the damage a dentist does is far more painful and costly than the original problem. People like Donald and Ivanka, can make you have a lot of regrets.
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