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Friday, August 12, 2016

Hillary’s election will not cure America’s sickness

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          I recently watched a video of a speech Hillary gave, provided by one of my friends on Facebook. She was speaking mainly about the dangers Donald Trump presents to America and she was using Trump's own words. She was very precise and because she was using Trump’s own words, her speech was effective.

 It reinforces what thoughtful people know to be true. My Facebook friends get it. However, my Facebook friends are more cognoscente of what’s going on around them, than Trumpsters. There are not enough people like my Facebook friends, living around me.

Every day, I go out for coffee at the local coffee shop in the morning. When I get there and sit down, 

I feel as though I'm a sparkler in a dark room.

It's not easy being the only Liberal in a coffee shop full of armed conservatives. People see a video like this and defend Trump by saying Hillary is a liar. One guy even accused Hillary of dubbing Trump’s words. No matter how much truth one presents, hatred cannot be overcome.

Yes, it is difficult living in my city, because hatred for Hillary spills over to every aspect of people's lives. There’s a lot of bitterness within the people of my city. There isn’t a lot of laughter heard on the streets, in neighborhoods or at stores, when the city is populated by conservative white people. If you want to hear people laughing and having a good time, you have to go to black and brown neighborhoods. It’s how things have turned out these days.

If you are not like them, here in my city, they will threaten you. They mean it too. I am not kidding when I say that if I speak out, I could be shot dead and the police would exonerate my killer.  I’ll just tell a quick story regarding one of the conversations I heard at the little coffee shop I like to go too. Why do I go there? This story will tell you why.

I’m sitting in this coffee shop listening to stories being told, when a particular conversation caught my ear. As usual, the shop was full of old “Baby Boomers”. You know the type, right? Fat old men with their pot bellies sticking out. They look like they need to take a bath, get a haircut and trim their grey beards. Even though some women and children were present, the most vulgar language possible was flowing from their toothless mouths like a grand festival celebrating crudeness. That’s the world of the “Baby Boomer”.

Have you ever noticed how “Baby Boomers” seem to be
the most disgusting people in your neighborhood?

I say that as a “Baby Boomer”. I have never gotten along with my own generation. Most “Baby Boomers” are disgusting people and I have never wanted to have much to do with them. I’ve always said, “the sooner “Baby Boomers” die off, the better off this country will be”.

One of those vulgar “Baby Boomers”, with his assault rifle leaning against the wall behind him, was talking about how easy it would be to take over the United States government if Hillary were elected President. Keep in mind, his proposal was meant only in the event Hillary is elected. He didn’t want to take over our government if Trump is elected.

He went on to say, about a thousand well-armed patriots could easily overwhelm Capital Security, during Hillary’s first State of the Union speech. The entire government would be centrally located and the patriots he spoke of so glowingly, could in one single stroke, eliminate most of the Democratic Party, including the President, Vice-President, members of Congress like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Liberal members of the Supreme Court. It would be a great act of patriotism. It would be suicide but patriots must pay that price in order to save the country.

Well, to say I was a little shocked would be an understatement. Especially when I witnessed total agreement by all those who were present, including the women and children. One would tell me it was my duty to report the fantasies expressed by the Trump supporters in that little coffee shop.

But, you have to understand something about the town I live in. If I were to actually report something like that, many of the police in my town would beat me up for daring to report a conversation such as I just described. The police in this town are made up of Iraq Veterans who kicked people's doors down and murdered Iraqi citizens by the thousands. They brought that attitude to our police Department.

Besides, I think those big talkers are just that. Big talkers! However, it's their attitude which is widespread.

Don't get your confidence up too much about the political competition in this election cycle. The election will be close and you will not believe how many millions of people will vote for Trump. Hillary may win. Democrats may win. However, the problems this country has with conservatives will not go away. It's my belief we are on the verge of a Civil War. Hillary becoming President will not cure the sickness within our borders. The Republican Party will still be an enemy of our Union.
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