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Monday, August 15, 2016

Arizona Is An Accomplice To Murder

Armed thugs on our streets
Take Two on Donald Trump's 
'Second Amendment' Comments

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My comment:
Normal people are not concerned about Donald’s use of “2nd Amendment Remedies” regarding Hillary Clinton. However, Donald did not address his "2nd Amendment remedy" to the general public. The general public are not as crazy as the people Donald Trump was speaking to.
More thugs

Donald Trump addressed his threatening comment to the NRA people. Who are the NRA people? Well, the NRA openly supports murderers, rapists, armed robbers, child molesters, wife beaters and every version of criminal mentality in America. By support, I mean the NRA wants to allow all these criminal elements to get any gun they want. No questions asked or any restrictions, whatsoever.

Not just any gun either. The NRA supports and promotes criminals obtaining military style assault rifles and carry their weapons in public. It seems the NRA would be perfectly happy if every violent criminal in America were riding up and down the street in a pickup waving their assault rifle in the air.

Deviant on the loose
Don’t try to tell me I’m not telling the truth. Forget all the propaganda about your right to own a gun. Forget all the fancy words. In Arizona, we have gun shows where any sleaze ball can obtain any weapon they want, with no questions asked. Marginal people can purchase an automatic assault rifle and the ammunition, with large capacity clips, put the weapon in the trunk of their car, drive to a nearby mall and fifteen minutes later kill dozens of people in the blink of an eye.

Police will eventually take him out but not until many people are dead. Investigators will swarm in, try to figure out who the killer was but won’t be able to ascertain the answer to that question for many days. They will find a receipt for the gun purchase and go back to the gun show in order to talk to the person selling the weapon.

The investigators will find nothing. The seller wrote down a false name. The seller has no idea who the gunman was. A background check was not conducted. The only concern the seller had when he sold the weapon was how many boxes of ammunition he could sell to the buyer.
Probably convicted felons

The NRA will defend the seller to their last breath. Attempts to prevent such a sale happening again will be defeated by politicians bought off by the NRA. The next month, another mass killing can occur. The NRA will take no responsibility for their actions and they will promote more murder in the future with their desire to arm all the deviants in America.

Let's not forget who makes up a significant portion of the NRA's membership. Neo-Nazis, skinheads, white supremacists, male Chauvinist pigs, the KKK, and on and on. Let’s not leave out the militias. Every weekend, militias are in the woods practicing for the day they can kill fellow Americans and overthrow our government.

Considering who makes up a significant portion of their membership, it’s just a matter of time when the US Government declares the NRA a terrorist organization. Each passing year, the NRA becomes increasingly more dangerous to the American people.

It's a lot of fun being a big man
Gone are the days when the NRA was one of the biggest environmental organizations, doing everything it could do to preserve our wilderness areas, in order to protect their hunting grounds. The NRA has gone from protecting our environment to protecting the criminal’s ability to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Wayne Robert LaPierre, Jr. has certainly altered the purpose of the NRA. LaPierre is responsible for a lot of dead people in America who would be alive today if it were not for LaPierre’s meddling.

Terrorists know, all they have to do is come into America normally, drive to Arizona and buy all the weapons they need in order to murder Americans. It's really easy. There are so many people selling guns to any Tom, Dick or Harry in our state they can actually get discounts when buying large quantities of assault rifles.

If someone can’t find an already converted automatic assault rifle, (they might be sold out) there is plenty of instruction manuals at the gun shows telling you how you convert your assault rifle too full automatic. Arizona gun shows have declared open season on Americans and the NRA guarantees nobody will interfere with their desire to arm America’s criminals.

No! Donald Trump wasn't talking to normal Americans. He was talking to millions of sick violent Americans who know exactly what Trump means when he refers to the NRA taking action against Hillary Clinton if she becomes President. Donald Trump issued a call for violence and his clarion song is music to the ears of every deviant in America.
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