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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump, Bannon and the Mafia. Not a good sign!

A Criminal Enterprise Is Running for POTUS

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Everyone thinks the Trump campaign has sunk to new lows in modern politics. But, hold on just a second! It looks like we are headed for new levels of depravity. Bringing in Stephen Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News is a signal we are in store for even more pitiful behavior by Trump. I'm running out of words trying to describe this low life individual running for President.

I can only think of a few things Trump wants to do and they all require a dictator to accomplish them. I cannot think of single thing Trump advocates for, which will help people. His tax breaks only give temporary relief but in the end, will bankrupt the country. Then everyone suffers. Pure right wing nonsense. 


Stephen Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News has been printing and telling lies for a number of years. Can anyone point out anything truthful produced by this man? Trump has launched into so many lies during this campaign it's difficult to sit down and address his torrent of falsehoods in a single setting. Now that Trump has hired a consummate liar to manage his campaign, I’m afraid Trump’s campaign will only get worse, if that’s possible.

Alright, alright! Hillary isn't perfect. However, compared to the do nothing, no solutions,
cheating businessman, Donald Trump, Hillary is an angel. With the addition of Stephen Bannon, coupled with Trump, we are all in for disgusting political theater the rest of this campaign season.

Here's what I think, as though it matters. Hillary is holding back the most damaging information about Trump because she's too nice. With the addition of one of the biggest liars of all time to Trump's campaign, Trump will force Hillary to expose Trump's Mafia connections when he was running his casinos. There is already a lot out there regarding Trumps Mafia connection. Especially if the election gets close.

Taking a page out of Trump’s own campaign strategy handbook, Hillary doesn’t have to have specifics or proof of Trump’s Mafia involvement. All she has to do is keep hammering everyday about casinos, Mafia, drugs, prostitution, child pornography and murder. It is widely accepted by almost every American that gambling casinos and organized crime go hand in hand.

Hillary doesn’t have to develop the role casinos and the mafia already have in America. It is a widely accepted belief by Americans, about the correlation of casinos and the Mafia. Proof is not needed. Hillary just needs to keep pointing out the obvious entanglement of the Mafia, Casinos and Trump.

Sooner or later, somebody will shake loose and start backing her allegations up with testimony. Why, you might say? Because Donald Trump, Atlantic City Casinos and the Mafia is a fact of life. There are already investigations of Trump’s Mafia connections in the past and present. Those allegations and investigations just need to brought out into the open.

Mafia, casinos, prostitution, child pornography, murder and Donald Trump fit together like a tight glove. Is it any wonder Trump has sunk so low and become one of the biggest cheese balls in American politics? Trump, Stephen Bannon, Mafia, dirty business dealings, constant lying. What a combination. We are talking about the definition of Donald Trump.

After the election, one of the biggest questions on everybody's mind will be, "what do we do with the people who supported Trump?" Many of Trump's supporters are among the sickest people in this country. Just because Hillary gets elected, doesn't mean those people go away or shut up. With Trump's encouragement, they may start shooting.

No, Donald Trump inciting violence is not out of the question. His supporters are capable. Stephen Bannon may use his newfound influence to profit from more lies and even violence. The terrorist organization called the NRA could join in.

Bannon has been telling lies and inciting violence for years. The NRA has become a haven for militias who are practicing every day for when they can overthrow our government. The NRA is doing everything they can to arm the most violent people in America with the most potent weapons available. Donald Trump has obviously become the champion of Bannon conspiracies and NRA terrorist behavior.

Hopefully, none of this will come about. However, you have to live in a vacuum to think it can’t happen in America. The stage is being set by one of the most dangerous people to ever run for President and he has the backing of millions of very sick people. It isn’t funny anymore. It’s not a joke. Wake up and pay attention.
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