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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Strong as ever! Religious Intolerance Comes Back to America!

Just minding her own business.
French police make woman
remove burkini on Nice beach

Inspirational story located at:

My comment:
I'll bet anything, Trump supporters love this story and picture. Historically, France has a habit of imposing religious authoritarianisms on people. That's why so many migrated here during our colonial days. Now we have four armed French cops imposing a law which legalizes religious discrimination on some hapless Muslim woman! I guess it took four big armed guys to get one little tiny woman to obey religious dictatorship. There you go! Very Trumpster (and Republican) in style and substance.

Looking at the comments attached to this story, written by the Trumpster minions. It looks like French attitudes migrated here with all those people from France who fled religious persecution, long ago. It's sad to see, such small minded thinking, driving an entire political party in America. Of course, I’m talking about the Republican party. Democrats don’t behave like this. If people want to make “America Great Again”, we need to get rid of this kind of attitude.

Who would have ever thought Americans would get upset about somebody practicing their religious beliefs in another country? Then, witness Americans cheer as four armed French cops take the poor woman's clothing off, embarrassing her in public and insulting her religion. This is very much in Trump’s panache, supported by Trumps thugs and toothless supporters. Is this the kind of behavior Americans are cheering for? Something happened to us.

Will we see this in America?  With Trump, you will.
Can Democrats save us from the worst our society has to offer? Or, have Democrats already lost the battle? Even if Hillary wins the 2016 election, the sickness of America will still be present. Hillary cannot cure what’s wrong with America. In fact, a Hillary victory could enflame America’s sickness even more and send all of us over the cliff’s edge. What then? More excuses?

It's the law, right? No recourse for the Muslim woman. What were the cops going to do? Shoot her if she didn't comply? They were sporting a lot of guns. Did they need riot gear to protect them from that dangerous Muslim woman?

Were the cops going to rip her clothes off, in a public style rape conducted by French storm troopers? From the Muslim woman’s point of view, that’s what it would seem like. For a religious Muslim man, killing Frenchmen is his only recourse. America insulted Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq in the most horrible ways.

Americans not yet born, will die in the future for what G.W. Bush and our military did. That’s how those Muslims are. They never forget. They always get revenge. Frenchmen will be killed because of their religious discrimination.

A lot of fun, right? Trumpsters getting off on the scene as they watch the disgrace of a Muslim woman on You Tube. Very peculiar to say the least. Do we have to go to black or Latino neighborhoods to find America again? Blacks and Latinos don’t root for this kind of stuff. Doesn’t it seem odd that only white people cheer for this kind of behavior?

I can't imagine Trump people getting in control of this country. Read some of the comments attached to this story and tell me you want those people making laws for all of us to follow. It's disgusting and very surprising to see so many Americans behave like Frenchmen.

Today’s Trumpsters also make a person wonder, how many more American values are they willing to trash? Let's see now. All men are not created equal. There is not equal justice under the law. People are guilty before proven innocent. Religious freedom no longer exists. Freedom of the press means nothing.

Round up 12 million Mexicans and throw them out of the country even if their children are American citizens. Breaking up families is perfectly alright. Trash the 14th Amendment with the wave of a wand. Lower people's wages. Force women to have babies they don't want. If someone speaks up against them, administer a good beating. Arm everybody to the teeth and hope everything turns out alright.

Yes, sir! We want Trumpsters in charge of everything. Next thing you know, a mass migration back to France will occur. What goes around, comes around. Right?

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