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Saturday, August 6, 2016

America is a decadent and primitive nation.

Controversial Parade Float Depicts Hillary Clinton in Prison as
Children Pelt It with Water Balloons

From a story located at"

My comment:

Republican behavior is really getting old now. A story like this highlights the struggle America and Democrats are engaged in. This story points out how sick America has become. This story, told in different parts of the world, lends credence to the notion, America is a decadent and primitive nation.

People like Donald Trump are a dime a dozen and traditionally have been pushed into a corner, left to rant and rave, where nobody can hear them. However, today, Donald Trump has become mainstream. It’s so easy to attack Trump for his lunacy. The real target is being ignored and I suppose it’s because nobody wants to tell the truth and alienate potential swing voters.

But, there comes a time when concerned people must confront the insanity threatening to take over our nation. The insanity of a parade float depicting Hillary Clinton in prison, as children pelt it with water balloons, is something to be very concerned about. It demonstrates a widespread illness within our population.

One can only assume the parade organizers were part of the disgrace because most parades require a permit in order to be allowed to participate. Permits are required because parade organizers don’t want to be associated with deviant displays. Apparently, the parade organizers didn’t think anything was wrong with the nature of this float. In other words, the parade organizers are as sick as the people who made the float.

Donald Trump did not dream up the parade float. Sick Americans did. These very ill Americans should be the focus of our concern, not Donald Trump. Long after Trump fades into obscurity, a very large number of bizarre people will still be loose in our country. They will still be training our children to be like them.

Giving water balloons to children to throw at a woman and a Democrat teaches those children to disrespect our national leaders and fosters the development of further mental disorders in children, lasting their lifetime. It also promotes sexism in children. The disease of sexism doesn’t go away for many all the rest of their lives.

If Hillary Clinton becomes President, children participating in the hatred promoted by hate filled adults, will grow up to not respect anyone different from them. The sickness of America perpetuates itself in future generations and getting children to admit their parents and friends were wrong, will be next too impossible. No admission of a sickness, no cure. A future generation of sick demented people is growing up before our eyes.

There is a big difference between Republicans and Democrats. I would venture to say that among Democratic circles, you will never see an effigy of Donald Trump, in a public cage and children encouraged to exercise their most primitive instincts. Democrats don’t do things like that.

This difference highlights the war between Republicans and Democrats. We can only hope Democrats can stem the tide of insanity sweeping over America. If Hillary wins the 2016 Election, the biggest problem she will confront is how to cure the insanity demonstrated by people exhibiting the float in their little Iowa town.

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