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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Is it Alright to Mock Handicapped People?

A Sick Person

Leading Sick People

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There is something wrong with people trying to say Trump is better than Hillary. It's one of the saddest realities of this election. Trump has never done anything for anyone, his whole life, without profiting himself first. Hillary has helped people all her life, for no other reason than to just help people. This simple fact can be proven but truth can't stop hate. There is a sickness in this country and it's huge.

Yea sure, Hillary isn’t perfect. To this day, I have not met a perfect person. They say Jesus was perfect but I never met him, so I can’t vouch for the truth of that belief. Having done all the things Hillary has done, she is bound to run afoul with some people. Her accusers have been wrong every time about her misdeeds but that has not stopped the constant flow of lies about Hillary Clinton.

After all these years, it has become obvious, liars are telling lies about someone they know nothing about. Can you imagine being falsely accused for twenty-five years by people who don’t know you? They simply hate you for reasons having no basis in reality. Few people could withstand such an onslaught.

There have been a lot of allegations through the years, directed at Hillary Clinton. However, that’s all they have been, just allegations. There has not been a single indictment. There has not been a single trial, let alone a conviction of any kind. Hillary Clinton doesn’t even have a speeding ticket.

Still, people use false allegations as proof she has done something wrong. Using false allegations as proof of wrongdoing, years after those accusations have been proven false, indicates a sickness none of us want to be around. Only people suffering from the same sickness can stand to be around each other. People who are not sick in that manner, walk away from people with that kind of condition.

People believing in false allegations, suffer from a belief Hillary has harmed them in some way. What kind of people think like that? Would you ever want someone like that as your friend? Obviously, if your friend is like that, it’s only a matter of time until your friend turns on you for false reasons. Has that ever happened to you? It’s not fun, is it? Politically speaking, do you want people like that to make laws you have to live by?

Are people so sick with their hatred they can't see the difference between Trump and Clinton? What is it? Hate for women, Democrats, Liberals? Are people, who live everyday with their hatred, so sick they no longer have a personal life either? Have they scarred off everyone who used to love them, with their sickness? Do they live among pods of sick people making everyone miserable around them?

When people see a Nominee for President of the United States, do a childish impersonation of a handicapped person, for the purpose of mocking that person’s handicap, then claim Hillary is more despicable, there is a sickness which has been let loose in the United States. Trump’s behavior is bad but people cheering for his behavior is worse.

A parent would never teach their child to emulate Trump’s behavior. No sane person would take their child to a grocery store and allow that child to mock a crippled or handicapped person they met in the store, similar to what Trump did.

If you are in a store and you see a parent encourage their child to mock a handicapped person in the manner Donald Trump did, would you laugh and congratulate that parent? The sickness is widespread! This notion of Trump superiority, immune from normal behavior, is not an isolated case of a few individuals who are fundamentally rude, self-centered and sick individuals. Millions of Americans have fallen ill. It’s a national calamity.

“Show me who you walk with and I will show you who you are”. It’s a quote from somewhere. At one time, political differences didn’t breakup friendships or families. Many of us have discovered members of our family or people who have been our friend for life, have fallen sick with hatred. This sickness of hatred spreads to all aspects of a person’s life. Soon, people who have not fallen ill become uncomfortable with those who have.

Personally I cannot stand to be around people who make excuses for Trump’s behavior. I refuse to associate with people who think mocking a handicapped person is alright and telling lies about people is acceptable.

I know those people are mocking me, behind my back and telling lies about me because they have become sick and their hatred for everything, nullifies all that I have been to them, in the past and into the future.

I’ve walked away from family and lifelong friends because of their newly acquired sickness. A sickness that has permeated every ounce of their being. I have also become concerned these sick people will start making laws I have to live by.

People who accept Donald Trump’s mocking of a handicapped person, for the whole world to see, then laugh about it, accept it, could not possibly pass acceptable laws, normal people must live by. The scary thing is, there may be more sick people in America than normal people.

The prospect of Donald Trump, leader of sick people in America, can become the President, is a very sobering thought.

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