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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Forget the Ten Commandments. Teach Good Manners and Empathy

Forget the Ten Commandments. 
Teach Good Manners and Empathy

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Don’t bother putting the Ten Commandments on the walls of Public Schools. The Commandments speak to things people already know but ignore entirely.

A good example about ignoring the Commandments, is how we ignore one of the Biggies”. “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

Seems pretty straightforward, don’t you think? I mean, the rule doesn’t say “Thou Shalt Not Kill, with the following exceptions”. Incidentally the original Commandment does not say “Thou Shalt Not Murder”.

Substituting the word “murder” for the word “kill” is just a convenient way for some Christians to justify why they root for war, the Death Penalty and a whole slew of other ways to kill people, without going to Hell. Thou shall not “murder” is a recent addition to American Christian Bibles. It’s how churches in America justify their political agenda to include all kinds of killing. 

            OH! If you don’t think American churches have an agenda, you don’t live in America or you are some kind of blind Christian.

It’s alright to kill people in wars, even if the people you are killing were never a threat to you or your family. It’s not murder. 

            Executing a wounded enemy soldier is alright if the soldier is distressed in some way.  Dropping a bomb on a wedding, killing dozens of women and children is alright because it was collateral damage, not murder. None of this stuff is murder. Murder is wrong. Killing is alright.

If one orders a drone strike, they are telling people several thousand miles away to launch a Hellfire missile, killing a lot of people they don’t know. That’s quite alright, because killing terrorists or combatants and any innocent people around them, is alright. It’s not murder so there is no sin in God’s eyes. Murder is bad, killing is alright. Nobody considers the victims because they are non-believers anyway. You can’t murder a non-believer. You can only kill them.

Take photos from 10,000 feet up in the air, so the killers who launched the missile don’t have to see the faces of the people they just killed. Just ignore what appears to be a lot of small bodies on the ground. That kind of killing is perfectly alright.

After a hard day’s work, the Drone pilot can go home, have dinner with his wife and children, give thanks to Jesus for the great food on the table and Johnny can worship his father as a hero. People in the community can praise the drone pilot and congratulate him for all the people he is killing. High School’s will invite him to speak to all the kids and he will tell them how important it is to kill terrorists and anyone else in the way. The Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, doesn’t mean a lot to the kids he’s bragging too. Don’t bother putting that Commandment on the wall at that school.

It’s alright to kill if you are executing someone in the United States because the victim’s survivors didn’t have the guts to do the deed themselves. By the way. I have a good solution regarding execution in the United States.

Instead of asking strangers, employed by the state, to perform your act of vengeance (justice?), get someone in the victim’s family to perform the deed directly and in person. For example, if someone has been found guilty of killing a woman’s husband, let the wife kill the guilty party. Lead the aggrieved wife into a room where the guilty party has already been tied to a chair.

After providing training in the use of a firearm, give her a .357 magnum (hollow nosed bullets of course). Don’t blindfold the guilty party. You want the wife to look the murderer in the eyes. Don’t prevent the murderer from speaking. You want the wife to hear the pleas of the person she is about to kill.

You want the wife to enjoy the maximum satisfaction possible while killing someone. After all, it’s not murder. It’s just a killing and the wife is assured she will go to heaven by her friends and the church she goes to.

Be sure her .357 has more than one bullet because that would give her the chance to fire many shots into the murderer’s head. Don’t give the wife more than six bullets though. Any more than that and it’s too big of a mess to clean up. It becomes overkill.

Without any encouragement from anyone employed by the state, or any other member of the victim’s family, allow the wife to walk up to the murderer and splatter his blood and brains all over the floor. If the wife can’t do the deed, let one of the children kill the murderer of their father.

There you go! Both vengeance and justice has been served. The state doesn’t have to kill someone in the name of someone else and the victims get what they want. Everybody feels good about the outcome. News Services can run stories about how brave the wife was and make her a hero. Churches can praise Jesus for a righteous outcome.

If none of the murdered man’s survivors can stomach to kill someone, then incarcerate the killer for the rest of his life. That way, nobody has to pray for the soul of the executioner employed by the state. In America, nobody is forced to be an executioner. A person has to volunteer for the job. A person has to want to kill someone. A person has to have no feelings about killing someone he doesn’t know and have no guilt afterward. However, people who know better, will pray for his soul.

It’s alright to kill someone if someone enters your home without permission. It’s alright to kill someone if a lost person knocks on your door late at night and you get scared. It’s alright for cops to kill unarmed people when they could have easily subdued the person. It’s alright for cops to kill children with a toy gun at a public park.

It’s alright to kill someone at Wal-Mart because they were carrying a BB gun they picked up on the shelf. It’s alright to kill someone if you are walking down the street and get scared because of the way someone looks at you. There are many reasons why it’s alright to kill someone. It’s very handy that nobody calls these things murder anymore.

           No! Don’t bother with the Ten Commandments. They are totally irrelevant. If you want to get better results from the behavior of people in our society, teach good manners and empathy. Start in Kindergarten and don’t stop until the kids graduate from high school.

It will take a full generation before any results can be seen but good manners and empathy will make for a better society than a bunch of useless Commandments. Besides, teaching empathy will make people more considerate and we can sure use more of that.

Another benefit from teaching empathy will be the creation of more Democrats. One of the distinguishing differences between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats have empathy, Republicans don’t. Democrats think of people other than themselves, Republicans think only about themselves.
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