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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Education for Profit Will Fail in the Same Way Healthcare for Profit did

Hillary Clinton Adopts Major Bernie Sanders Idea:Free College for (Almost) Everyone

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My comment:
Plans like this can't work because the real problem is not addressed. Educational institutions operated for profit, cannot be publicly funded. There are not enough taxpayer dollars to educate people and pay the profits of corporations' intent on maximizing dividends for shareholders.

Even so called State Universities, are operated with profit as their goal. Just ask any student who buys books at a State University. Our education system is geared up for profit. The education of people is secondary. That's why it's impossible to flunk out of college. Just pay the fees and you can go to college forever.

Capitalism is the worst economic system in the world, except for all the others. Free enterprise stimulates innovation and provides individuals the incentive to excel. No other economic system works as well.

However, Capitalism requires regulation or it morphs into the absolute worst economic system. Fascism, driven by monopoly, controlling the outcome of legislation designed to maximize the profits of the few, at the expense of the many, is the product of unregulated Capitalism. The natural outcome of uncontrolled Capitalism, is Fascism.

Our education system is but one example of the common good of the people being diminished by the need for profit. Obama Care was a good idea until they allowed corporations to profit from the suffering of people. Private insurance companies were allowed to continue profiteering while in collusion with the for profit health care system. When the "single payer" solution was defeated as well as the "public option", Obama Care was doomed from the beginning.

Utility companies profit from providing the necessities of life. States mandate auto insurance then turn over the profits to private corporations who lobbied for the requirement in the first place.

Universities are not the only educational institutions suffering from profiteering. Many elementary school districts in our country are underfunded because states now allow taxpayer money to be diverted from the public education system to the for profit educational system. Many of those taxpayer dollars are used to fund general church operations.

Keep Capitalism but allow government to operate the commons. The commons would be any requirement mandated by law. Auto insurance should be run by the government. Utilities are a necessity of life and should be run by the government. Not for profit, but for the good of the people.

Telephone service, roads, hospitals, education, airlines, trains, bus systems, education, healthcare, flood insurance, all utilities, prison systems and many more, are part of the commons. The commons are those things society must have to exist. The needs of society should not be profited from, for the good of the few. Capitalistic monopolies should not enrich themselves while diminishing the common needs of the many.

Removing the profit motive from education and providing education at cost plus maintenance, is what the people need. Capitalistic education is not working. Profit driven education systems will never work as long as profit is more important than education. 

The profit motive is destroying our education system in the same way the profit motive destroyed our healthcare system.
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