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Saturday, July 16, 2016

I Feel Sorry for Hillary Clinton

Democrats ‘freaked out’ about polls in 
meeting with Clinton

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My comment:
          I met a Russian during the cold war while stationed in Berlin and he told me something I have never forgotten.

          He said, "the difference between Russians and Americans, is Russians know when they are being fed propaganda, Americans don't". His words still ring true today.

          Twenty-five years of false allegations and Hillary is still cleaner than most of the people making comments on today’s story. Millions of dollars spent falsely accusing Hillary and not a single indictment, trial or conviction. There are no civil lawsuits where Hillary has been deemed guilty of anything.

           Eight different investigations led by Republicans about Benghazi and no indictments. I doubt Republicans gave her special treatment, letting her be above the law. If Hillary had so much as "jay walked" across a street, Republicans would have spent millions of dollars just to put her in jail for a single day. In other words, Hillary has done no wrong.

          The comments section attached to many political stories, is the REAL STORY. The story itself means almost nothing. Comments on this story demonstrate my allegation that Americans cannot tell the difference between propaganda and the truth. The belief that Hillary is a liar, a traitor and a murderer is the result of “Propaganda Marshalls” manipulating easily influenced people for political purposes. Gullible Americans is the REAL STORY.

          Some would say I have been maneuvered and propagandized about Hillary. If she had been convicted of a single infraction of the law, I would not support her. I'm just looking at the facts regarding Hillary. She has done nothing wrong and I am upset by so many people willing to tell lies about someone, when in fact, there is not a single ounce of truth to back up their lies.

          You can say, that as an American, I have started feeling sorry for Hillary. She must be the most falsely accused individual in American history. Out of a sense of fair play, I have started defending her from people’s falsehoods. Better known as lies. I would oppose fabrications about Republicans if there is not an ounce of truth to back up what people say.

          It seems people love to falsely accuse individuals they don’t like. Once a false allegation has been made, it is very difficult for a person to recover and get back to normal. Have you ever been falsely accused of a crime, dragged into court, prove your innocence and have people continue to accuse you of that crime?

          A lot of innocent people have been fired from a job, divorced from their spouse or kept from getting a job because of false allegations. Background checks include police records of any accusation you have been accused of. Those records seldom include a statement about how you have been deemed innocent of the crime you were accused of. Many people still think you are guilty even though you are not. Even your own family will go against you if you have been falsely accused of something.

           A good example of someone acquiring a public stigma for the rest of their lives would be a man accused of child molestation. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying child molestation doesn’t exist. It’s just that many women use the “System” to get even with men or to get custody in a divorce case. All a woman has to do is utter the words, “he molested my child” and it’s curtains for the man, all the rest of his life.

           Later on, the accuser can rescind her charges but it makes no difference to people. The guy can prove in a court of law; he is innocent of child molestation. The accuser can be charged with filing a false report but in the eyes of the public and his family, the man is still guilty. Years later, the guy can apply for a job and on his background check it will be discovered he was accused of child molestation. Job denied.

           The same spectacle has occurred to Hillary! The American idea that a person is “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law” has long been forgotten by Americans. It’s just another example of why Americans are no longer American. However, that’s another Podcast.

          In Hillary’s case, there have been many false allegations by people telling lies about her. There have been no indictments. A trial has never occurred. No trials, no convictions. Nobody has been letting her off easy. Twenty-five years of lying about someone by Republicans with no results.

          Still, people today, in their comments, make false allegations about things which have been disproven by Republicans themselves. It’s equivalent to a man being accused of child molestation, proven innocent in a court of law and not being invited to Christmas dinner by the family anymore.

          Liars don't care about the truth. Liars, repeating lies, told by liars, is the REAL STORY with Hillary Clinton. In today's comments, what my Russian friend from long ago said, has become true. The only thing remaining for discovery is, “are these liars innocent because they have been propagandized or are they lying on purpose”? Do liars in news story comment sections know the truth and choose to lie anyway?

          I suspect the latter and that is why I defend Hillary. I would defend a total stranger from a pack of liars. Do you know why? Because I am still an American. I still believe “Bearing False Witness” is a sin and you can go to hell for that. I still believe, “you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”. People attack me for believing those “truths”. I don’t care though. I’m right and they are wrong.
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