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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wasserman gone! Sanders helps Trump! Hillary damaged!

Sanders Damages Party

The more Sanders complains, the angrier I get. This close to the Convention and Sanders is still trying to crap on Hillary’s moment. He claims he supports Clinton but all he does is give more reasons for his supporters to riot at the Convention. Words are not enough. Action is the only thing that counts now.

Sanders is lending support to Donald Trump. Trump is blowing this Email thing up to its maximum and Sanders is providing gun powder for the opportunist, Donald Trump. Sanders has provided many talking points for Trump in the General Election. Sanders is demonstrating once again he is more interested in his own ego than he is in defeating Donald Trump.

I am sick and tired of Democratic leaders treating Bernie Sanders with kid gloves. Either he declares himself a Democrat right now or he doesn’t speak at the convention. He must withdraw his demand that Wasserman is removed. He must stop crying how he was mistreated by Democrats and end his allegiance with Donald Trump. Sanders must stop the protests building up at the Democratic National Convention by his followers.

His allegiance with Donald Trump is based on both men using the same talking points to attack Hillary. As a matter of fact, Bernie has led the way with his personal attacks and Trump simply followed Bernie’s lead. There are Trump talking points that would not exist if Bernie had not voiced his complaints first. Demonstrations by Bernie’s supporters at the national Convention are for the benefit of Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders campaign is over. He must stop attacking the Democratic Party and our nominee Hillary Clinton. It is time the Democratic Party treat Bernie Sanders for what he is. Bernie Sanders is an enemy of the Democratic Party. He is part of Donald Trump’s campaign. Bernie Sanders is an enemy of Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders needs to be expelled from the convention before it starts. This is especially true if Bernie does nothing to stop the demonstrations by his supporters. The language explaining his expulsion, should be harsh as the language I am using now.

Any protests at the Democratic National Convention is Sanders fault. Anymore attacks by Donald Trump using talking points provided by Sanders, is Bernie’s fault. Democrats must rally around Debbie Wasserman Schultz, not Bernie Sanders. Debbie is a long time Democrat and should not be punished to appease a person who is an enemy of the Democratic party.

It is only my opinion but I believe Debbie Wasserman Schultz and many people in the DNC realized they had made a mistake very early, after they approved Bernie’s participation the Democratic Party’s nomination process. From the beginning, it was evident Bernie was not a friend of the Democratic Party.

However, the DNC had made the mistake and couldn’t go back on what they had done. Over time, Bernie Sanders became increasingly hostile to the Party and to Hillary Clinton. As the Primaries progressed, it became evident that Democrats were not voting for Sanders. Bernie’s support came primarily from non-Democrats (including Republicans) in open Primary states where anyone could vote.

The prospect of having an Independent Socialist with ties to Communists, represent the Democratic Party in the general election could not be tolerated by the DNC. Background research on Bernie Sanders exposing his history with Socialism and Communism was also available to the Republicans. That’s why Republicans wanted to run against Sanders.

If Bernie Sanders had become the Democratic Nominee for President, the Republicans would have torn Bernie Sanders to shreds and the Presidency would have been handed to the Republicans regardless of who their nominee was.

This country will never elect an admitted Socialist and upon exposure of Bernie’s communist connections in his early years, Bernie would not have stood a chance in the General Election. In addition, though a smaller issue for Democrats, Bernie’s religious beliefs have come into question. This is not a small issue for Republicans. I have personally seen an interview in which Bernie is asked directly, “do you believe in God”? He clearly said, “NO”!

I believe Hillary and the DNC knew about the “NO” answer. But, Hillary had too much class to use his answer as a political tool. That is why you saw the issue of Bernie’s beliefs come up in the DNC Emails. However, Trump and the Republicans possess zero scruples and would have used that hammer if Bernie had become the nominee for the Democrats. You better believe the Republicans know about Bernie’s beliefs.

Combined with the hammers of “Socialist” and “Communist”, the “Atheist” sign hung around Bernie’s neck would have killed him in the general election. If anyone thinks this country would elect a Socialist with Communist ties who is also an Atheist, you are dreaming. Don’t believe for one second Bernie’s denials would have made any difference. The Republicans are very good at manipulating public opinion with lies. Sanders would have been destroyed.

Democrats and Republicans think alike on things like this. Both Parties measure who can win and who can lose and provide their support to the candidate with the best chance of winning. Both Parties also have hopes the other party will nominate someone with the least chance of winning. Republicans were licking their chops with the prospect of Bernie Sanders and Democrats (including Debbie) wanted to deny them their meal ticket.

If the DNC actively worked against Bernie Sanders, it was for good reason. Not able to admit their mistake by letting him run in the first place, they began to do damage control within their own circles. The DNC could not allow Sanders to gain the Party’s nomination considering where much of his support came from the negatives Republicans would most assuredly use.

Bernie Sanders would have been a disaster for the Democratic party. The Republicans would have been cut loose to destroy this nation. There was too much at stake for the DNC. They had to undermine the Socialist, Bernie Sanders.

If Hillary had campaigned against Sanders in the same manner Republicans would have, Sanders would not be a factor today. President Obama and Hillary Clinton both have the same problem. They are too nice!

It is only my opinion, but, Debbie Wasserman Schultz should be scolded for allowing Bernie Sanders to run on the Democratic Ticket in the first place. By the same token, she should also be commended for recognizing her error early and trying to do something about it. If Debbie was working in favor of Hillary, she was doing it for the good of the Party and our nation. That’s why I support Debbie Wasserman Schultz. We need more Democrats like her.
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