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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rep. Steve King didn't get any minority votes for Republicans

Republican rep: White groups 'contribute more to civilization'

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During an MSNBC panel on the first night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the group was discussing presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's rhetoric toward minority groups.

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) defended his party's lack of diversity during the Convention Monday, asking if any other group had contributed more to society than Western civilization.

Of course, Rep. Steve King was referring to white people.

Perfect! Just perfect! Rep. Steve King, in only a few words, managed to define the Republican Party. Of course, it's no surprise. King is a racist! What he said? Yea, very racist. Another white supremacist butt hole.

And here we go. Yet another Republican National Convention populated by White racists. The cameras will have to work extra hard to find any brown or black faces in a sea of Casper’s’ attending this Convention. Of course, after the election, if they win, they still want brown and black tax dollars.

Because of their nominee, Donald Trump, the very worst of America will be center stage. This convention will be far more racist and bigoted than Romney's was. Boy, that's saying a lot too.

These Republicans are like children damaged in the womb with fetal alcohol syndrome who will never obtain an IQ higher than 80. You can't teach them anything and they sure won't learn anything either.

They are not going to win an election by alienating all the minorities in this country. Unless of course, they cheat and gerrymander all their Congressional districts or pass laws to keep minorities from voting. Can't win with their ideas? Cheat, lie or steal their way to victory. Whatever it takes is just fine by the Crackers at this Convention.

Rep. Steve King didn't get any minority votes for Republicans tonight. What a dummy! Hillary isn't perfect but she isn't as stupid as the collection of nitwits at this Republican Convention.
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