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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Don't underestimate Republican Hate for Democrats.

In the coming Election: It will be close!

Don't underestimate the hatred Republicans have for Democrats. The Republicans could nominate a cartoon character like Mickey Mouse and the election would be close.
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Don't forget the lesson we learned from Gore and Kerry. We Democrats were sure Gore and Kerry were much better than Bush. They were better, right? How could the American people elect Bush for a second time after the nation knew he was a war criminal? Thousands and thousands of people were being killed based on Bush’s lie. How could America re-elect Bush? Because, Republicans hate Democrats more than they hate war criminals.

We Democrats know how much better Hillary is, than Trump. A blind man can see how a crooked business man like Trump is no match for someone like Hillary. Trump has been sued multiple times because he is so dishonest. He has lost many of those cases, as well. He runs dishonest business schemes all the time and has made a practice of stealing money from vulnerable people. There is no comparable activity in all of Hillary’s life.

There is a long history of Trump’s involvement with the Mafia regarding his casinos. You don’t run casinos in Jersey without Mafia approval and help. The Mafia brings drugs, prostitution, child pornography and every crooked scheme known to man, including murder, wherever they go and with whoever they are involved with. Trump had to cooperate with the Mafia or he would have lost his business or maybe his life. It doesn’t matter to Republicans though. They just hate Democrats to the point of psychosis. Republicans would elect a Mafia Don to POTUS before they would vote for Hillary Clinton.

Speaker Paul Ryan knows Donald Trump is a career criminal with no regard for the law, our Constitution or anything else representing the high values this nation represents. Trump is interested only in how much money he can make for himself and he doesn’t care who he steals it from or who he has to kill, in order to get it.

Should he become POTUS, foreign governments should be wary. Trump has the potential to be a killer like G.W. Bush. If he has to associate with people who profit from drugs, prostitution and pornography in order to make money, he will. His life has been so devious, killing people not like him, would be easy.

Ryan knows these things are true of Trump but his hatred for Democrats and Hillary in particular, supersedes his loyalty to our nation. Supporting Trump over Hillary should tell you everything you need to know about Paul Ryan. Walk with wise people and you will be wise. Hillary is only guilty in the eyes of Paul Ryan because his hatred wants him to believe Trump is more honorable than she is. Walk with dishonorable men and you become like them. By association, Ryan is a disreputable man.

Supporting, associating with and endorsing Donald Trump lowers Paul Ryan’s stature as an American and puts into question the wisdom of allowing Ryan to be Speaker of the House. Ryan became a willing partner in the crimes of Donald Trump when he exhibited his preference for a very unscrupulous man, over someone who has done no wrong and has only helped people all her life. All because of his hatred for Democrats.

Did you hear Ryan yesterday? He hates Hillary so much he would put a cartoon figure like Trump in the Whitehouse. From this day forward, question Ryan and anyone else who prefers a criminal before an honest person. Make no mistake! Hillary is honest compared to Trump.

You people need to wake up! Republicans hate you. There is talk in Republican circles about arresting you, jailing you and even executing you, according to some of the more radical Republicans. Trump is their man. Paul Ryan supports these ideas through his silence. Has anyone heard Paul Ryan repudiate anything Ted Nugent has said?

Get all your Democrat friends to quit drinking, stop smoking dope and go vote. This election is closer than you think because Republicans hate you. Being nice won’t help you. Logic won’t help you. You have to get in the dirt and play for keeps. You will have to rip this election from the Republicans by any means. You have to be as dirty as they are or you will pay the price Republicans have planned for you.
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