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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I don't consider Bruce Jenner to be a Hero

An American Hero: 40 years after gold,
Jenner comfortable in her own skin

From a story located at:

This story will make some people mad. Some will say they never expected me to say anything like this. Well, it's how I feel. No matter what you say, I am not condemning Jenner.  I'm just saying that I am sick of reading about this guy.
My comment"
Why is this person in the news again? Look, News Media people. I didn't read a single sentence of this story. I didn't look at a single advertisement connected to this story. I am average and normal. I don't associate with people like this.

I don't care what he does as long as he does it away from me. I will not invite this person to dinner and upset members of my family who are not comfortable around people like him. I don't want my children to see this person. I will not get in my car and go to a bar where people like him hang out. I do not seek the company of people like him. If I see someone like him, I go somewhere else.

Stop writing huge long news stories about this guy. There is a limited audience who cares anything about this type of person. Let him be whoever he wants. Just do it privately, and shut up. Don't promote his choice as something we should all aspire too.

Now, please! Work harder and write about something I would be interested in. Thank you very much.
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