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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Republicans Love Liars and Killers

Amid campaign troubles, Trump goes on attack against Clinton

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My comment"
The saddest thing happening on this campaign is all the people cheering for a classless name caller. Trump is a disgrace. If he spoke to me like that, to my face, I would deck him. People that support him behave in much the same manner.

You call someone a liar out here on the streets, you better be able to back it up with your fist. Hiding behind political immunity, knowing he will never have to answer for anything he says, demonstrates what a coward Trump is.

This nation re-elected a war criminal by the name of G.W. Bush. Lies, kidnapping, murder, financial disaster seems to be the requirements Republicans love in a President. It is possible, Trump is worse than that murdering fool, G.W. Bush. Because of our national sickness, worshipping Trump becomes the norm. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is elected.

Because the nation re-elected the war criminal Bush, it’s not hard to believe they would elect someone like Trump. Bush killed half a million innocent people. Trump has threatened to kill millions. Sounds like someone only Republicans can love.

There's a sickness in our society and the disaster Bush created did not cure our nations illness. The disaster created by G.W. Bush, made the madmen of our nation (the Republicans) double down and plead for even more of the disastrous policies which nearly destroyed America. Perhaps a guy like Trump will make people realize how sick our nation is. Millions of people cheering for Trump is a national sickness.

Today's speech is an example of a seriously ill man, becoming drunk with power and his authoritarian followers demonstrating their illness, in full bloom. Today’s classless performance, can only be matched by his seriously clueless followers.

Personally, I'm of the opinion this nation is scaring the world with its potential Republican leaders, like Trump. Many nations, especially our adversaries, are paying close attention to this next election. The problem with authoritarian liars like Trump and the defective people he will install in government, is that they create the possibility of future war and a correction may not be possible in normal ways.

Nations like Russia and China could easily perceive Donald Trump as a threat and may cause them to pursue a course that would eliminate the American hazard. At the very least, increased militancy by Donald Trump, will cause other nations to increase their military buildup in order to protect themselves. Nations like Iran and North Korea would have to build up their nuclear programs to prevent an invasion from a man prone to shooting off his mouth and acting without thought. His latest speech is an example of what I am talking about.

It usually takes a war to stop people like Trump who gain power through the manipulation of likeminded people. I can’t stand the thought of Trump and his followers running this country. After a few years of Trump and his followers, taking up arms may be the only way to stop him. God, I would hate to see us have another Civil War. Dictators do not take kindly to free elections, which end their dictatorship. A Presidential election may not solve the Trump problem in the future, if he is elected in 2016.

The trouble is, a sickness has been brewing in this country for a number of years. The results of that sickness is someone like Trump and his followers. Republicans made Donald Trump. Trump rose up out of the cesspool of bad ideas and a breeding ground for irresponsible notions fostering hatred for our government. Republicans created a Donald Trump atmosphere and Republicans are responsible for the mess they created. Now, it’s not clear the Republicans can stop the monster in our midst.

One of the unique characteristics of our political system is that we have the freedom to vote ourselves into a dictatorship. Voting our way out of dictatorship, is much more difficult.
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