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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Democrats Didn't Vote for Me. I should still be their Nominee!

Bernie doesn’t speak for Democrats.

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My Comment:
I'm a little taken back by Sanders because of this last round of complaints. He didn't complain when he latched onto a party which was gracious enough to let him have a voice. Now that he's losing, he wants to change the rules to favor him. He is double crossing the people that gave him a chance.

Bernie is even sponsoring another candidate more to his liking, in order to defeat the person who decided to let him run on the Democratic ticket in the first place. I bet Debbie would like to take back that decision. Someone who is a Socialist and not a Democrat should not be working to defeat a lifelong and loyal Democrat like Debbie. Bernie is acting like a Republican. Bernie doesn’t speak for Democrats.

The rules the Democratic Party used in this election cycle, are not new. The rules have been in place for several cycles. Sanders knew of those rules before he started running for President. In order to be allowed to participate in debates and have his name placed on the Democratic ticket, he had to agree to the rules.

Now that he can't win the nomination of a Party he has never been a member of, he is crying like a baby. If he doesn't like the rules, he should have become a Democrat several cycles ago and helped write rules he is in favor of now. He was too busy being a non-Democrat to make any contributions to the Democratic party back then. Now that he is losing, I’m not interested in a Socialist’s point of view now.

Sanders is a "Johnny come lately". Now that he is losing, he should not be writing rules for Democrats he won't have to live by. He won't be a Democrat after he loses the nomination. Whatever rules he wants for Democrats, will not apply to him. He is not a Democrat and should not be making rules for Democrats. Can you imagine him trying this stunt with Republicans?

As a Democrat, I resent the idea of someone like Sanders coming in to our party as a guest, lose to a real Democrat, then complain Democrats didn't vote for someone who isn't a Democrat.

          I get the notion Bernie is a backstabber and a cry baby because he has not been able to convince Democrats they should turn their party into his vision of Socialism. Democrats rejected him. Non-Democrats are the people who voted for him.

I am of the opinion all states should be closed primary states. No more caucuses. Democrats should vote for their nominee just as Republicans should vote for theirs. As it turned out, Bernie lost in closed primary states because people who were real Democrats, couldn't vote for someone who was not a Democrat. Bernie's Socialist ideas are as foreign to Democrats as they are to Republicans.

In closed primary States, Republicans and Socialists couldn't vote against the Democrat in each primary, electing a non-Democrat to represent the Democratic Party in that state's primary. Makes sense! Can you imagine Democrats and Socialists electing someone like Bernie to be the Republican Nominee for President of the United States? Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Republicans have too much common sense for that to happen. Only Democrats are stupid enough to give a non-Democrat the chance to be the Democratic nominee for President. Bernie was “nothing” before the Democrats gave him a chance to sabotage the Democratic Party. Democrats need to make sure Bernie is once again “nothing” after Hillary becomes President.
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