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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sanders Refuses to be a Democrat

Sanders not ending campaign inThursday's video speech -spokesman

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My comment:
The thing getting lost in all of Sanders demands is that HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT! His demand that two long time and loyal Democrats be removed from the Convention Committee is not for him to say. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT!

          The authority to demand, a lifelong Democrat, loyal to the Party and the head of the DNC be removed, has not been granted to him. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT! Being a Socialist and demanding to influence the Democratic Party's Platform should not be given credibility. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT!

          He has had ample time to join the Democratic Party. He has refused. He has had time to endorse the Democratic Party's Nominee and he has refused. He has announced he will go to the Convention and attempt to steal the Nomination from Hillary Clinton. This cannot be tolerated.

          When the Primary season is done and Hillary is the Party's Nominee, Sanders will go back to Vermont and run as an Independent Socialist. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT! Never has been! Never will be! If he doesn’t support Hillary now, so what. His supporters have no choice but to vote for Hillary in November.

Catering to the “Bernie or Bust” crowd does not warrant giving excessive power to a non-Democrat who has blatantly refused to support Democrats and the choice Democrats have made for their Nominee. The “Bernie or Bust” crowd were never going to vote for Hillary and nothing Bernie says will alter their choice. They hate Hillary as much as Republicans do. 

          Democratic voters did not choose a Socialist. They chose a Democrat to be the Nominee of the Democrat Party. When Bernie Sanders joins the Democratic Party, he should be allowed to have a voice. But, HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT and he should shut his mouth for now! He has to earn his place as a Democrat and prove he is loyal to the Party before attempting to alter the Party’s apparatus.

The Democratic Party was doing just fine before they made the mistake of letting a Socialist run on the Party ticket. Appeasing a Socialist in an attempt to gain a few votes, votes that were never going Democrat anyway, is a bad mistake. The mistake is as bad as letting Bernie attach himself to the Democratic Party, debate Democrats and have his name printed on the Democratic ballot.

Never make that mistake again in the future. There is no telling what kind of wingnut will try to pull a Bernie Sanders style coup in the future. Democrats must guard against the likes of Bernie Sanders and keep the Party Democrat only. If a Socialist Party can draw enough Democrats away from the Party to render the Democratic Party moot, so be it. In the meantime, people like Bernie should be cast away. HE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT! Democrats don’t need his kind.
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