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Monday, June 6, 2016

Yea! A Chance to Kill Federal officers!

A major Native American site is being looted. Will Obama risk armed conflict to save it?

Inspirational story located at:

My Comment:
The story gets all involved with everyone's rights, everyone's concerns, local control and States Rights. On and on and on. The real story, more powerful than all the minutia is, "Will Obama risk armed conflict to save it"?

In the middle of all the complications regarding the land in question, is the notion there are Americans, who are itching to kill other Americans, just because they want the freedom to destroy the land. Even worse, they don't want the government to protect the land from greedy, selfish people like them.

The issue has become an opportunity for armed conflict. The truth is, most of the gray haired, potbellied thugs complicating the issue, don't live anywhere near the land in question. The issue is less about land management and more about a threat to kill Federal Officers.

The problem Obama introduced is when he allowed armed criminals to point guns at Federal Officers in the past. Not doing anything then, triggers the same problem today. Criminals in the past, threatening armed conflict, got off free of any consequences.

Therefore, criminals today, threatening Americans lives over this land dispute, are safe in the knowledge there will be no consequences. One can only wonder, if these anti-American thugs are willing to sacrifice their lives, for their right to destroy land not belonging to them?

In our cities, if a criminal points a gun at law enforcement, there is a pretty good chance that person will be dead almost instantly. Christ! If you are a twelve-year-old kid with a toy gun, you can get killed and your uniformed killers get off Scott free.

So now we have armed militias threatening Federal Law Enforcement personnel because they want the imaginary right to destroy the land if they feel like it. Kill a few of them the next time they point guns at fellow Americans. They will think twice before threatening law Enforcement in the future.

Cut off the problem now or see the problem get bigger in the future. City cops don't let people wave guns around. The Feds should have the same attitude. 
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