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Friday, March 27, 2015

Cruz kicks off presidential campaign at Christian college

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I wonder how much longer our nation must endure religious meddling within government. Is interference into our secular government a passing phase?  Is this the beginning of the downfall of our government, as we have known it? Religious involvement in government insures the eventual downfall of that government.
Our government is not immune from such a threat. There has never been a successful religious government in the history of the human race.
Christianity is not compatible with a secular government, envisioned by the writers of our Constitution. If Christianity prevails, the Constitution will have to go. If the Constitution wins, then Christianity will have to stop interfering in the affairs of men. A stronger “Separation of Church and State” law must be passed. Perhaps an Amendment to clarify what “Separation of Church and State” is, would help save the Union.
Ted Cruz is just one example of an effort to bring down our government and impose God's law, whatever that is. Fundamentalists think our country is dreadful the way it is. Our secular Constitution is immoral and must be substituted with something biblical. Our founding fathers were wrong. They are right.
Ted Cruz represents this idea. His father is a Dominionist and Cruz’s behavior indicates that he is too. Dominionism, (sometimes used interchangeably with Christian Reconstructionism and theonomy) is a political and religious philosophy that seeks to make the United States government a Christian theocracy. However, would you want to live in a country controlled by the Ted Cruz's of our time? Think about it!
When it comes to the hammer hitting the nail, most all of us do not want to live under laws created by a religion different from our own. Even an unpretentious prayer in school, threatens to rip a small classroom into nothing more than a bunch of screaming parents. Eventually they will threaten each other with death, because religion (all religions) has a way of getting people killed.
It is very important to keep prayer out of a public classroom. Private religious schools are another matter, as long as everyone is of the same faith. In public schools, the only way prayer can work, is if everyone is forced to pray in the same manner or to the same God. A Dominionist stated goal.
Ultimately, that is what people like Ted Cruz want. Religious superiority is the oldest form of discrimination practiced by humankind. When someone tells you that Jesus is Lord and you must be saved in order to go to Heaven, that person is telling you of their superiority, if you do not follow their belief.
Failure to comply with their beliefs, gives them permission to do anything, including your murder. Do not roll your eyes! That is the history of Fundamentalist religions and nothing has changed for thousands of years. We see this superior notion practiced every day in America by men like Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz is willing to force children to pray like him, even if parents dislike their children’s conversion to a faith not like theirs. This notion of superiority would extend into every aspect of people’s lives, if allowed to infiltrate government.
We see the mingling of religion and government practiced in the Muslim world. It is not very pretty and just because we are Christians, the blending of religion into our government would be just as harmful.
Unfortunately, Fundamentalism has become very strong in America. Millions of people are dissatisfied with our secular government and want to follow people like Ted Cruz into a theocratic nightmare. Their discriminatory behavior has no boundaries.
Children are to be beaten. Wives must be obedient. Women can work, but for less pay. Women can never hold public office unless they are subservient to men. Females can be forced to have children they do not want and threatened with death if they have an abortion. Men suffer no consequences.
Blacks, Latinos and any other minority should be restricted from voting. Little white children must be protected from the influence of people not like them. Public schools must be eliminated allowing only churches to conduct education. Churches without proper standing will receive limited funds.
Laws allowing discrimination of gay American citizens, will become commonplace in all the states. Despite discrimination, gays will still be required to pay taxes. Hunting parties, tracking down and injuring or even killing gay people, would be encouraged within church walls.
Bombing people with a different religion becomes commonplace.  The holy rulers of America will reign terror upon the world. Like the crusades, there is no sin in killing a non-believer or what the Crusaders called the “Infidels”.
There is no guilt among the practicing fundamentalists in America for half a million, dead innocent people in our last two wars. Instead, American churches make heroes out of the killers. The lack of guilt, for the murder of Muslims yesterday, predicts behavior in the future if these killers get total control of our government.
This scenario sounds harsh and Christians in America will cry out with indignation. Their religious persecution complex will come to the forefront and denials, accusations and name-calling will fly from the mouths of those who have perverted the religion of Jesus.
However, do not let their words fool you. Do not go by what they say but by what they do. In America, Christians no longer believe in the government our founding fathers pioneered. Almost exclusively, the Fundamentalist movement in America supports States Rights and dissolving the Union.
Fundamentalists believe women should be barefoot and pregnant waiting eagerly for their man to come home and eat the dinner they prepared. Women who become pregnant must be locked in their bedroom and forced to have children they do not want. If a woman sticks a coat hanger up her vagina and aborts a child, she is to be executed.
The list goes on forever. Democrats are not dividing the nation with crazy un-American laws, taking the breath from normal people. Democratic legislators are not passing nullification laws and pressing for each state to become its own nation.
Democrats are not attacking women and their civil liberties. Democrats are not trying to suppress the right of people to vote. Democrats do not advocate killing hundreds of thousands of people in Iran for trumped up reasons and then brag about it later.
Democrats have parties at home watching football games and cheer for their team. Republican Christians have parties at home watching precision bombing and cheer for the killing of innocent people. There is a big difference between the Parties.

Democrats are not trying to destroy our secular nation and replace it with the views of people like Ted Cruz. We have a long tradition of leaving the worship of God alone. This time, maybe we should pay more attention.
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