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Friday, March 6, 2015

Visualizing the GOP's 2016 Bracket

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My Comment:

What a strange lineup of potential candidates from the Republican Party for President of the United States. I know many Republicans. I can say with certainty, they are nowhere as bizarre as the Republicans wanting to be President. In the end though, my Republican friends will vote for their party nominee, no matter how strange that bird is.

The inconsistency of impeccably normal people calling themselves Republicans, voting for defective people running for office has always been a contradiction in my mind. Very confusing, to say the least. The last election is a good example.

Much of the strength of the Republican Party relies on people with very strong religious beliefs. Many of those religious beliefs is based on a "Jesus Is Lord" concept. Along with this notion, is the idea that if an individual is not Saved, they can't dwell with Jesus somewhere up in the clouds. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to demean this kind of Christian belief. I share some of their beliefs.

Along comes Mitt Romney, a Mormon. He gets the Republican nomination despite his belief that you don't need to be Saved and Jesus is not Lord. Normally, for Christians, Mitt is a man destined for Hell. Normally, Christians would be calling Mitt all kinds of names and cursing him for not being Christian.

However, "normally" is not a word one can use when referencing Republicans. Many of my Christian Republican friends, claim I am going to Hell because I don't think Jesus is Lord or that one needs to be saved (I'm an early Christian). Yet, these very same people condemning me to hell, will vote for a non-Christian and make him President of the United States. Go figure.

After years of seeing this contradictory behavior from my Republican friends, I can only conclude that these very devout and religious people will not vote for anyone if they are black, Latino, a woman, gay, Democrat, Liberal or an Atheist.

Christian Republicans hate these groups more than they love Jesus and that is why we may get an unstable President elected to office based on how much hate he/she can spew out in order to please people disillusioned with America. 

Just look at the Republican lineup. Any of these people elected President would be a disaster for our country. What they all have in common is their hate towards everything and everybody. It’s almost pathological. Let these Republicans get control of both Houses and the Oval Office is a formula for a very different America. Normal people who love our nation, will not like an America controlled by these people.

The problem is, it is a sneak attack on our country and no one will acknowledge the threat until it is too late. 
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