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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Affordable Care Act - You Have A Choice

Vote Democrat in 2016

The Affordable Care Act is in danger. Republican desire to repeal the act has consequences. The most direct consequence, is the death of Americans who will no longer have Health Care.

If the Supreme nullifies the ACA as many as ten million Americans previously covered will lose their coverage. It is estimated that ten thousand Americans will lose their lives, each year, for lack of health care.

This is not a small matter. Those who advocate for American deaths are in a small way, terrorists. Bin Laden could not have hoped to kill Americans as efficiently as the Republican Party is attempting right now.

Considering how the ACA will cut the deficit over the long term, lower medical costs for everyone and stop the abusive behavior of profit seeking Insurance Companies and Medical Corporations, it is hard to understand the position taken by the Republican Party.

Nevertheless, that is the goal of the Tea Bag Republicans and they may well be aided by a Conservative Supreme Court. This entire affair regarding the ACA is yet another example of danger dwelling within our national boundaries.

Conservatives in America are nothing more than latent Confederate Traitors bent on destroying our nation. They don't care how many Americans lose their lives in order to obtain their goal.
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