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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why the Obamacare Case Drives Washington Crazy

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Here is my comment:

This issue really points out the divide within our country. One side has a sense of community. The other doesn't. One side advocates for responsibility. The other side doesn't. One side wants to control rising medical costs. The other side doesn't. One side wants to eliminate pre-existing conditions from consideration of coverage. One side doesn't care about that.

If the ACA is neutralized about 13 million Americans will lose health care coverage because of new higher costs. It is estimated around 10,000 Americans will die from lack of health care, each year. More Americans will die in one year than ten years of unnecessary wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. One side cares about this. The other side doesn't.

Thirteen million people took responsibility and decided if they can get health care insurance, they would pay for it. That's why it's called "THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT". The only people getting totally free health care are children, the elderly, handicapped and Veterans in dire need.

One side believes as a society, our nation should take care of the least among us. The other side, would just as soon let the helpless among us die. One side cares about people other than themselves. The other side is very absorbed in their own self-interests and believe if they have what they need, the heck with everyone else.

If the Supreme Court neutralizes the ACA, the most selfish, self-centered people among us will cheer, brag and boast proclaiming a victory for freedom. Freedom to continue being a “mooch”. Freedom to care about no one but himself or herself. Freedom to step over the bodies of their fellow Americans.

The selfish, self-centered among us can redeem themselves if only they would present a viable plan to address the medical crises confronting all Americans. They have had years to come up with a plan that will address the problem. However, all they have been able to do is complain and make false claims. If they win, it will be another nail in the coffin of what used to be America.used to be America.
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