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Monday, October 21, 2013

Parental Remorse

Parental Remorse
Comment regarding futility of recent wars

   Al-Qaeda attacked us, not the Taliban. The Taliban tried to turn Bin Laden over to us but Bush had to get his revenge and kill a bunch of people that did not attack us. The Taliban didn't have anymore control over Al-Qaeda then the Michigan Militia had over Timothy McVeigh.
   There are Jihadist Al-Qaeda training camps all over the world. Afghanistan was just one of many. Do we bomb the whole world? Do we bomb American secessionist  terrorists who are practicing this morning on how to kill fellow Americans and destroy our government?
   Do we send a cruise missile into the NRA headquarters because they think they need all kinds of military weapons in order to take down our government? Is the NRA as dangerous as Al-Qaeda? The way they have been going lately, it seems the NRA is our own homegrown Jihadists. But that's another story.
   Attacking the Taliban was attacking the wrong enemy. The Taliban and Iraq had nothing to do with 911. Half a million dead people fighting the wrong enemy is a war crime. I can't imagine a parent looking at a picture of their dead son/daughter and trying to say Afghanistan was worth their child's life. Who will pay for these crimes? If no one, then we Americans deserve whatever we get.
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