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Monday, October 21, 2013

Officers of the Law

Colorado Sheriff blasts colleagues over
refusal to enforce gun laws

Comment posted May 18, 2013 to the above headline

   Casually looking at crime statistics in Colorado, it appears Colorado Sheriffs aren't very good at enforcing any laws in their state. Claiming the law can't be enforced because it would be impossible to monitor large ammunition clips and who has them, is the same as claiming traffic laws can't be monitored or enforced because the majority of violations go unpunished.

 Ninety percent of all laws broken by our moral and upright citizenry go unpunished. Does that mean we must suspend law enforcement? If a sheriff, for religious reasons, believes a man can beat up his wife and child, can he refuse to enforce assault charges against the perpetrator? Of course not.

   Sheriffs refusing to enforce the law is yet another symptom of a society about to fail. Citizens breaking the law because of their scholarly interpretation of the constitution and law enforcement officers allowing laws to be broken on a sheriff by sheriff basis must be stopped in its tracks before this behavior gets out of control.

   If the state won't do it then it's up to the Federal government to move in and remove by force if necessary any law enforcement officer refusing to enforce the law. Any law enforcement officer proclaiming he/she will not enforce the law is an enemy of the state. In order to preserve our Union, these people must be removed.
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