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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dems filibuster Iran vote

Dems filibuster Iran vote

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 My Comment:
Again, Republicans demonstrate their deep-rooted hatred for our President. They don't want to give Obama credit for anything. The don't have an alternative to the existing peace plan negotiated by six other countries besides ourselves. All they can say is "no to anything Obama wants".

Republicans don't realize the rest of the world will drop sanctions and implement this deal with or without America. Iran is already a winner and frankly speaking, Iran doesn't need America on this deal. Pull us out of this deal and we become even more irrelevant than we are now.

Republicans have already nullified the United States as a credible negotiation partner with that childish trick they pulled sending an obnoxious letter to Iran's leaders. That letter announced to the world America is not a serious partner in negotiations and cannot be trusted to live up to any agreement it makes with anyone.

Because of Republicans, the United States has no credibility because of the Republican lie about Iraq. We do not possess moral high ground telling another nation to stop invading someone. Other nations throw Iraq in our face and tell us to shut up. Just witness Putin thumbing his nose at us! Why listen to us? We are just another criminal nation like Russia.

Because of Republicans, America cannot be trusted to live up to any treaties we enter into. Republicans have turned America into a backstabbing, lying rogue nation. We are capable of mass murder and cannot be trusted in any peace negotiations with anyone, ever again.

Obama is doing his best to establish America as the moral leader of the world once again but Republicans keep dragging our country into the same mud hole their party wallows in. If Republicans get control of our country and our nuclear arsenal, the world had better duck.
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