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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Deputy clerk says he'll obey federal judge over Kim Davis

Deputy clerk says he'll obey federal judge over Kim Davis

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My comment:

When she goes back to work Friday or Monday, let us hope that gangs of thugs, which appeared at that
ranch in Nevada, do not show up.

Huckleberry is not above organizing an armed militia to protect KimSadition and prevent her arrest if she violates the courts order. If armed militia show up and point guns at Federal officers, will they get away Scott free the way those Confederate traitors did in Nevada?

Perhaps not in this incident, but the day is coming when armed Christian militias will start shooting Federal officers. Militias all over the country have been running around in the woods pretending to kill fellow Americans for over twenty years. Their hatred for America is very deep.

Without a doubt, Christian supporters of Federal disobedience would cheer and support armed gangs threatening the authority of our courts and the government they hate so much. Several of the Republican Presidential candidates would support armed gangs appearing in Kentucky.

President Obama needs to act now. Under the 14th Amendment, Paragraph III and current sedition laws, he could remove Kim Davis from office. At the same time, remove all lawmakers who have passed nullification laws all around our nation.

We are watching the growth of another civil war. Not acting now will only embolden a threat to our nation every bit as dangerous as ISIS will present. ISIS wants our government to fall. So does our homegrown religious fanatics. They are of equal danger.
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