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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Next Up! Religion Destroys America!

Next Up! Religion Destroys America!

Religious banshees have been set loose upon us. Not stopping its intrusion into government several years ago, has allowed religion to do what it always does best. Religion destroys governments.

Religion by itself can be a beautiful thing up until the time it gets involved in governing societies. Every social order, every race of people no matter the language or time in history has experienced the destruction of its culture the moment religion exerts too much influence in the laws governing men/women.

There has never been a successful government in the history of humanity ruled by religious dogma. Religions of all types have a very poor record when it comes to governing. It doesn’t matter what the religion is. Religion always turns out bad for society.

The United States is experiencing a long slow death because of its tolerance for religious thought. Current society has ignored one of the most important ideas to emerge in modern times. The “Separation of Church and State” has allowed our nation to grow and prosper without religious interference. In modern times, America is ignoring this important principle.

We taught this concept to most of the civilized world. Wherever “Separation of Church and State” was practiced, that nation thrived. America introduced this concept and now America has forgotten its own lesson. Within American borders, religion is slowly destroying our nation.

It may be too late to stop this devastation. As a nation, we did not clarify what “Separation of Church and State” means. We did not strongly penalize churches engaged in political theater. We allowed churches to meddle into the affairs of man and now the nation is paying the price.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has millions of religious Americans (accustomed to political interference) encouraging defiance of the law in the name of their God. Presidential candidates openly support defying the Supreme Court in the name of religion. Millions of Americans participate in the destruction of the United States of America in the name of their religion.

Every single contentious subject pitting Americans against Americans in recent years has emanated from religious interference in the political arena. Even the issue of guns in America has been enhanced with religious interference. The violent takeover of America is practiced and preached by many religions in our nation. They need guns to accomplish their goal. Very often, the most rabid gun advocates are also fervent religious practitioners.

Religion wants our country ruled by the Bible. The Constitution will be discarded if they get their way. If religion must kill Americans to accomplish their goal, so be it. There has been a war going on for several decades and the only people firing shots are the people wanting to do harm to our nation.

It will take a great effort to stop religion from destroying our nation. We did not act in a timely manner. Religious enemies of state have taken over our school boards, city councils, state legislative bodies and the US Congress. Much of our judicial system is in league with the destroyers of America.

The religious movement wanting to destroy America is so strong they are willing to make President any person supporting lawless non-secular beliefs. Their hate is so strong they are willing to kill people to accomplish their goals. There are ways to stop them but nobody has the courage to do what is needed.

Not acting strongly in opposition to those wanting religious interference has only compounded the problem over time. Those people believing in the “Separation of Church and State” are losing the war being waged by a very destructive force. America is losing the war being waged by religion and religion will win because the American nation did not act in time.

If you are normal, you will not like the outcome.
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