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Thursday, August 20, 2015

America is showing signs of insanity

This politics thing is getting very difficult. It is also very discouraging. Watching so many uninformed people back someone like Trump, chips away at my life long belief Americans will always do the right thing.

Actually, I began to lose my faith when millions of Americans elected a proven liar and war criminal for a second term during the Kerry/Bush election. Even those who knew of Bush's criminal behavior cast their vote for him.

The Kerry/Bush election wasn't a statement about Bush. We all knew what a disgusting human being he was. The Kerry/Bush election was really a statement about the American people. That statement said the American people have begun to lose their collective mind and because they are nuclear armed the world better look out.

The election of Obama was only temporary relief from the insanity festering within the public arena. The insanity, which elected Bush for a second term, has resurfaced stronger than ever with widespread support for an inexperienced liar, name caller and huckster.

The truth is Donald Trump may be one of the more moderate Republican candidates. The rest of the field is truly a disturbed collection of odd balls representative of the degree of sickness the American people have descended.

There is nothing normal about the entire Republican field. There are enough hate-filled people in our nation to put one of those defective people into the White House and empower him with an entire compliment of sick individuals in the Congress. Even more destruction to our nation, greater than the damage done by the G.W. Bush administration, is possible.

Trump is proposing behavior of an absolute dictator. The fact millions of Americans cheer for him is very discouraging indeed. Clear thinking and responsible behavior cannot stop the inevitable destruction of our society brought on by a large portion of our population.

Do not think your clear thinking and traditional belief in America will prevail. You are in the minority.

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