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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In Michigan, Donald Trump Takes Aim at Ford Motor Co.

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My Comment:

This is a sad story and I love the way people get up and cheer for dictatorship. Trump's claim he will not allow Ford to build a plant in Mexico can only be achieved through dictatorship. The minute a leader starts telling
a business how to conduct their activity, interference with private enterprise gets to be a big problem.

Where is the desire to get government out of regulating business? Like most things the Republicans claim to believe, stopping government interference into the lives of people and regulating business is just a hollow claim. A person like Trump would be ideal for Republican "Authoritarian Personality Disorder".

There are many ways to bring jobs back home but it requires action by our Congress. Laws have to be passed and signed into law by an amenable President. Repealing tax advantages for companies shipping jobs overseas is one way. Implementing tariffs is another way. Donald can’t do this by himself.

The "Donald's claim he will not allow Ford to build their plant in Mexico is a hollow claim and appeals only to those ready for a Trump style authoritarian government. Dictatorship can be very attractive. It is odd to me how Republicans cheer for this kind of nonsense and Democrats have to remind voters we still have legal ways to do things. 
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