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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Some think it's time to abolish the two party system - Wrong!

It’s Time to Abolish the Political Convention?

 Inspirational story located at: Someone commented we need to get rid of the two party system. I disagree with them..

My comment:
America's form of government requires majority rule. The Supreme Court makes rulings based on majority rule. You can't have a coalition Supreme Court making law when four justices make a determination and the other five are split between two other factions. 

Under the current Supreme Court, because of political bickering, the Supreme Court is nearly rendered moot. The inability to make rulings based on majority rule has effectively destroyed a third of our government. The Republican party seems quite satisfied with this result because when all's said and done, Republicans don't like our government and damaging a part of our government is just fine by them.

You don't want the US Senate making law with the majority made up of only a third of the Senate while several other factions are split and can't come to a consensus. We all know the constant bickering that goes on when someone like Bill Clinton wins the election but doesn't have the majority of voters because Ross Perot split the vote. That is never good.

If Ted Cruz launched a third party effort for the Presidency, it would be a gift to Hillary. Same applies if Bernie went rogue. The point is, if you want multiple parties to vie for dominance, then eliminate our form of government and establish a Parliamentary government. Rely on coalitions’ to get anything done. Your solution may not work so well in America.

The only way a third party can emerge as a power in the United States, is if one of the two powers
already in existence, fades out and the new party becomes the dominant force in a two party system. The American system of government depends entirely on majority rule. Take away majority rule and you have destroyed the American Political System. I for one, don’t want that to happen.

Abandoning majority rule only because you didn’t get your way with one of the two main parties is not only damaging to American Democracy but demonstrates a loathing of our system. If you can’t influence the Republican or Democrat parties to embrace your ideology, it is because your ideas are not any good and nobody wants to do what you want. Work within the system and stop being a spoiled cry baby when you don’t get your way.

Destroying American Democracy to satisfy your hair brained ideas will never work out in a society accustomed to majority rule.
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