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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Donald Trump Thanks the DNC for Enabling Bernie Sanders!

After the 2016 Election Cycle, fire the DNC and start over!

There has been much talk about how Republicans enabled Donald Trump to become their nominee for the 2016 election cycle. There has not been enough discussion about how the DNC made an epic error when they allowed a Socialist to attach himself to the Democrat Party and participate in debates with a national audience.

In the last ten years, the Republican Party was nearly silent when members of their Party expressed racist and misogynist opinions. Somebody like the racist Ted Nugent met little or no resistance from the Republican Party and in fact embraced Ted Nugent, highlighting him and his views in many Republican venues.

Continuous attacks on women’s rights by Republicans has given Republicans the distinction of waging war on women. The terms racism, misogyny and intolerance have been earned by the Republican Party and they own it proudly. Is it any wonder, a carnival barker like Trump would swoop in and take advantage of the hatred so carefully developed by the RNC. Yes! The RNC is responsible for Donald Trump and they did a good job.

It is also correct to say the DNC enabled and provided the opportunity for someone like Bernie Sanders to hijack a portion of the Democrat Party. Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. The DNC made a colossal error when they embraced the Socialist Bernie Sanders.

There is a simple truth many Democrats will not accept. Going back to Ronald Reagan, Republicans have successfully branded Democrats as Socialist, tax and spend, communists, wanting to redistribute wealth. Democrats want to give free money away to welfare freeloaders at the expense of those who work and for the benefit of those who don’t work. Bernie Sanders reinforces those ideas.

Like it or not, this false description of Democrats is the absolute law in “Republican World”. Being a Socialist or a Communist is the single worst sin in modern day America. Labeling a Democrat, a Socialist, has worked in countless elections all around our country. This label is at least partially responsible for why so many State Legislative bodies and Governorships are under the control of Republicans.

That is why the DNC made such a big error, when they allowed Bernie Sanders to run as a Democrat. Let’s be honest here. I am not the brightest bulb at the carnival. However, I know the simple truth that being labeled a Socialist is a death marker in American politics. It is hard for me to accept how all those geniuses at the DNC missed this very simple truth.

Democrats have been fighting the “Socialist” label for many decades and they have been losing that battle. Again, I am very sorry, DNC big shots! Democrats are labeled Socialists today and it will take a generation to shake that perception. Attaching a Socialist to the Democratic nomination process was a colossal error and may have cost Democrats the entire coming election. The DNC unwittingly reinforced the Socialist label Democrats suffer from.

Because of Bernie Sanders, the Democratic electorate has already been split. It no longer matters if Hillary edges Bernie in a close nominating convention. It doesn’t matter if Hillary is the nominee. Because of the DNC and Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party is the Republican Party’s worst nightmare come true. The Democratic vote has been split and it benefits Republicans.

Because of the DNC and the Socialist Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party is deemed even more Socialist than before. That is how you lose an election in America. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, just look at State and Local politics for an example.

No matter the outcome of the 2016 election, Democrats need to evaluate decisions made by the DNC allowing a poison pill to attach itself to the party. I would fire all the top managers at the DNC and replace them with people who understand the politics of America.

Under current DNC leadership, are we to believe in the 2020 election cycle, they will allow the “Communist Party” to attach itself to the Democratic Party and participate in debates? Let’s allow a “Gay Party” to stand on the stage with Hillary in her re-election effort in 2020. Throw in Bernie Sanders and allow him to take more shots at Hillary. Can the DNC be more destructive? Yes they can!

The DNC can commit suicide in the next election cycle or we can get rid of the current leadership and put someone in there with a little common sense. The DNC may have lost the 2016 election for us because of their stupid decision to allow the Socialist Bernie Sanders to attach himself to the Democratic Party and reinforce false perceptions of Democrats.

Republicans will be all to glad to accommodate the DNC’s error. Donald Trump would probably thank the DNC for their stupidity if he wins the election.
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