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Thursday, May 5, 2016

BurnBots and Trumpsters are natural allies: Thank you Bernie Sanders.

Clinton, Sanders fight for last big prize: California

Inspirational story located at:

My comment: A dreamer thinks Sanders will win
What you people can't get through your head is that this country will not elect a Socialist for President. I will not vote for a Socialist. Do you get that? I'm a Democrat and I will not vote for a Socialist or a dictator. I will stay home.

Bernie is not a Democrat. He has spent his entire campaign tearing down the Democratic Party. He has not raised any money for down ticket Democrats because he is not a Democrat and could care less about Democrats. His appeal is with mainly uninformed white people consumed by the lies about Democrats the other Party suffers from. The hatred BurnBots demonstrate towards Hillary and Democrats rivals that of Tea Braggarts and Confederate Traitors.

Sanders has made no attempt to tone down his uninformed easily manipulated white base. He has given ammunition for Trump to use in the general election. If the general public doesn’t trust Hillary, it is in part due to Sanders. Bernie Sanders has contributed as much to the lies propagated about Hillary Clinton as any Republican. Bernie Sanders is an enemy of the Democratic Party.

He has enriched his family and campaign staff but he has not helped the Democratic Party. When he has failed in his attempt to hijack the Democratic Party, he will go back home, use spare money from his failed national campaign and run as an Independent again. In the process, he will continue to bad mouth Democrats.

           Bernie Sanders is a white Tea Bagging exploiter of uninformed angry white people with the promise of a Socialist utopia.

Sanders supporters have a lot in common with Trumpsters, in that both groups have fallen for promises neither Trump or Sanders can deliver.

Let me say this again. I will not vote for a Socialist or a Dictator. If Trump wins this next election, I will blame Bernie Sanders and his uninformed white supporters who have no idea what it means to be a Democrat. I’m confident Sanders supporters will contribute to a Trump victory. BurnBots have that mentality.

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