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Friday, May 27, 2016

Sanders/Trump Debate? Make it Clear! Sanders does not speak for Democrats

Sanders: Networks have reached out to host debate with Trump

Insprrational story located at:

My comment:
          I hate to say anything good about Donald Trump but he is wanting to use the sponsorship money for charity. Yea, it's questionable if the money ever gets to charity after he skims his share off the top, but he is making the gesture.

          On the other hand, there is no such plan by Bernie the Socialist. Bernie has always been about himself. He has not raised any money for down ticket Democrats. He continues to raise money from gullible people who thinks he has a snowball's chance in hell of getting the nomination. He's using campaign funds to enrich his family and squirreling away funds for when he runs as an independent in Vermont.

           We Democrats have recognized Bernie as an enemy of our Party from the beginning. It was a big mistake allowing this Socialist to attach himself to the Democrat Party. He used the Democratic Party to further his own ambitions and now that he is losing to Hillary, he's acting like a spoiled brat and giving Donald Trump lots of free advertising.

          A debate between Bernie and the Donald would turn into a contest to see which one could call the most names and tell the most lies about Hillary. Donald won't talk issues and Bernie will become a dupe for the Carnival Barker, Donald Trump.

          Hillary and the DNC needs to expel Bernie from our Party and get rid of the backstabber who used the Democratic Party for his own personal gain. Bernie has never been a Democrat, is not a Democrat now and will never be a Democrat. 

          If Bernie debates Donald, the entire Democratic Party needs to make it clear that Bernie does not speak for our Party. Bernie is an Independent Socialist. He is not a Democrat.

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