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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hillary is more dangerous than Trump? Really?

Trump gets votes for being an idiot
Spurning Unity, Trump Claims ‘Mandate’ to Be Provocative

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My comment: Based on what someone said in the comment section.
It amazes me how someone would say Hillary is more dangerous than Trump. Just amazing. Many studies have been done on how easy it is to manipulate certain segments of a society. Any society, anywhere in the world, at any time. 

Are you trying to tell me Hillary Clinton, having done no harm to anyone, is more dangerous than a man who promises to do harm to everyone?

Hillary isn’t perfect but she is not as flawed as Trump. Her followers are better behaved and are a great deal smarter than the toothless followers of Donald Trump. Hillary followers take more baths than Trump followers. In the overall scheme of things, I prefer Hillary followers running this country over Trump followers.

Don't bring up Benghazi. There have been seven Congressional investigations by Republicans and not a single indictment. She has been deemed innocent in all seven investigations. Investigations by Republicans. Is your hate so deep you must ignore what your fellow haters say?

Are you such a genius you know more than Republicans elected to office? Republicans who have spent millions of taxpayer dollars trying to find something wrong with Hillary but keep coming up empty. If there was anything wrong, you just know they would be all over it, like stink on a skunk. However, nothing! Nothing at all!

I guess the answer to the questions I am asking of you is, "Yes, I'm a dumb ass who hates people for no reason at all and I know more about everything, than people much smarter than I am. I have no foundation for the things I say and I have every intention to continue my hatred, tell as many lies as I can and condemn anyone who calls me out for my uninformed positions".

You are a typical Trump supporter who is highly manipulated and incapable of thinking on your own. People like you have been studied for a long time. The only hope of you not harming society is for you to die of old age and disappear from the political scene. Hopefully people coming after you are a little less likely to be manipulated into living a life of lies. Hopefully, the next generation will be better people than you.
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