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Monday, May 23, 2016

No more Bernie Sanders! Screw his followers!

Bernie Sanders digs in
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This is a comment I made in response to yet another Bernie supporter calling Hillary names and claiming the DNC favored Hillary.

My comment:
              I guess you didn't know the rules before Sanders latched on to the Democratic Party. Now that your guy is losing, you can't change the rules so Sanders can steal the nomination. Your guy lost. Go home, cry, but leave Democrats alone. Most Democrats didn't like your guy in the first place and that has been proven at the poles.

              Democrats made a big mistake letting a socialist/communist pretend to be a Democrat. Sanders is a backstabbing socialist who took advantage of the Democratic Parties’ good nature. Never again! 

               I am saying screw Sanders and his dreams of socialism. I don't care if the Hillary haters in the Sanders camp support her or not. Democrats don't need Sanders or his supporters. We are better off without them. Sanders and his followers have done a lot of damage to the Party and to our chosen nominee.

              Democrats already have a problem with the false allegation we are socialists wanting to take from the rich and give their hard work to those who don’t work. Sanders only reinforced that notion by coming in and promising a kitchen sink he could never pay for. 

              His entire campaign has been about taking from the rich and giving free stuff to those that don't work. Already damaged by the false notion Democrats are Socialists, Sanders only further damaged the party by reinforcing Republican lies.

              We can win without Sanders and his nutty supporters. Most of the crazies in our country have joined the Republican party. The Democratic Party is the last bastion of common sense and normalcy in this country. We don't need to pollute our brand with Hillary haters and socialists.

                Sanders and his disgruntled libertarian and frustrated Republicans can go take a hike. Let them join the Republican party next time and see how well they do. No more Bernie Sanders! Screw his followers! 
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