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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fascism has risen again: Socialism will save the day - Just not now! In the future.

China is not Communist. They are Fascist with the help of American Corporations. China is the economic model Corporations are trying to inflict on America.

The natural outcome of Capitalism is Fascism. The goal of Capitalism, is not to just compete, but to put the competition out of business. This result is monopoly.

Monopoly once obtained is not easily given up. Monopoly begins to manipulate government in order to protect its territory and to restrict competition. Big business, having eliminated competition, bribes government to insure continued monopoly under law.

Thus, big business (monopoly) bribes support for monopoly from government. In the process, manipulation of a government becomes commonplace. The government cooperates more and more with monopolies, in order to increase profits. This cooperation comes at the expense of fewer worker protections, elimination of unions and a fair wage is not paid in order to increase profit..

American monopolies, having successfully manipulated the Chinese government, are now in the process of manipulating United States politicians and turning US workers into the equivalent of Chinese workers. Maximizing profits is to the detriment of the people. The process of influencing government decisions for the sake of maximizing profits, is called Fascism.

The only known cure for Fascism is Socialism. Socialism is the natural enemy of Fascism. The problem is, once Fascism is established, uprooting the vile economic system of Fascism requires much more than an election. Very often, it takes a violent overthrow of the politicians who have allowed Fascism to grow.

Elections very seldom accomplish this. Very radical events are the only thing able to uproot Fascism, once in place. One can only hope a version of Democratic Socialism will be put in place. However, history has shown a dictatorship of the proletariat replaces Fascism. The people get that angry. Skilled politicians exploit that anger. Dictatorship ensues.

It also requires another Sherman Anti-Trust Bill which forcefully eliminates monopolies. Not an easy task to accomplish if corporations are in charge of the laws enacted. Such a bill is Socialist in nature. Breaking up large corporations will require a monumental effort and will require throwing many corporate executives in jail. Executions could result if history repeats itself.

All this will not happen for several more years. The people must suffer more under Fascism. Ultimately, in time, Fascism will be violently thrown out, if history proves correct. The aftermath of such a revolution should concern all of us. It will not be pretty. China will be the first to throw their Fascist government out. The United States will follow soon after.

In about twenty or so years, an alliance of China and the United States will form under a Socialist model. China already has the experience for such a revolution. China will teach the United States how to do it.
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