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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Trump, close to victory, is an American disgrace. America will still be sick after the election. The cure? Destruction of America!

I am ashamed of America and would not give a single drop of blood for Republicans populating our soil today.

This election is over for me. I'm sick and tired of this whole campaign scene. I am disgusted by Trump and even more disappointed by the American people. Today we see Hillary’s Emails coming back into such prominence only ten days before the election. Compared to all the allegations leveled at Trump, these Emails seem frivolous in comparison. This whole email fuss is Obama’s fault. However, that’s another story.

Michelle Obama once said she was finally proud of America (paraphrase). I am the opposite. For the second time in my life, I am ashamed of America. The first time, was the re-election of the war criminal, G.W. Bush. His re-election said a lot about my beloved country. My nation worshiped a murderer and rewarded Bush with a second term. I cannot be proud of that. The second shame, has been the emergence of Donald Trump.

Today I see predictions of election results for Trump and have come to realize Donald Trump will win many states
and millions of Americans will vote for a very flawed man. After the election of Bush and now with so much support for Trump, it has occurred to me there is a sickness upon our land and if this national malady doesn't reverse itself soon, the nation I shed blood for, will fail.

Yes, I shed blood for my nation in the ‘Nam. However, my blood and the blood of my friends, was not sacrificed on foreign soil for the America I live in today. In this campaign season, I have had to witness a major candidate for POTUS proclaim he will incarcerate his political opponent should he win the 2016 election. America, supporting such a small little man is so shameful.

At the Republican National Convention, people chanted, “throw her in jail”, led by a man aspiring to be the President of the United States. Advisors to Trump have said Hillary Clinton should be put before a wall and killed. Millions of Americans believe Hillary should be incarcerated or killed. Mainstream Republican politicians are silent and thus give credence to the primitive behavior of half our nation. I am very ashamed of Republican behavior. The Republican Party is a source of great shame.

Silence is acceptance and now the people I shed blood for (Republicans), are disrespectful of all those who gave everything for our nation during my term of service and all those who shed blood before me. People tell me I should be proud of America. I was proud in the past and was willing to give my life for our nation. I am ashamed of America today and would not give a single drop of blood for sick people populating our soil today.

At this point in time it doesn't matter who wins the election. The sickness will still be upon us. If Hillary wins, she will be nullified by the Republican illness permeating our land. Already stories have emerged on how Republicans will nullify Clinton’s term of office with continuous investigations.

John McCain has proclaimed Republicans will not confirm any Supreme Court Justice submitted by Hillary. She will be but a temporary stopgap to the ultimate ruin of our nation by Republicans. If Trump wins, he will hasten our demise. Republicans control most of the legislative bodies in our nation. They will continue to do harm to America. I am not proud of John McCain’s behavior or of his Republican buddies.

There is a story in today’s news about how Republicans are threatening armed revolution if Hillary wins. Their fears are based on falsehoods but it is part of their overall sickness. I cannot show pride in my nation when so many Americans despise our nation’s history of supporting whomever is elected. How can one be proud of Americans if they threaten to use arms if they lose?

In either outcome (Hillary or Trump), the America I bragged about and supported in the past, will become even worse than what we have witnessed in recent years. This overwhelming force of hatred will stop only when all the people suffer beyond imagination. Hatred cannot be stopped with good intentions or love for Hillary. Just ask the Germans about the power of hatred.

German hatred did not stop until Germany was destroyed. It will take the destruction of America to stop this American version of hatred festering in our land. German hatred during WWII and American hatred today is very similar in nature and the outcome will be comparable as well.

I am finished with this election. I will vote for Hillary out of hope. However, I am also scheming on how I can leave my beloved country whether she wins or loses. Hillary's victory will not save this nation. I am sick and tired of Republican hatred. I am ashamed of America and have come to realize a simple election will not cure what is wrong with the USA.

If you think Hillary's victory will cure our national sickness, you are wrong. It's time to think about how we will save our Union, if you stay. The Union and Lincoln once saved our land. A new “Union Blue” reason will need to emerge in order to save our nation once again. This time, the threat comes from latent “Confederate Traitors”. This time we must save America from Republicans.

However, there is no evidence of a movement to restore America. Democrats are good but they are lazy. Democrats have not been scared enough. The only thing capable of countering Republican hatred, is fear. Americans have not been scared enough to stop the demise of our land.

If enough people get scared about Republican intentions, they may be able to save the Union. So far though, apathy by Americans only insures our demise. Less than half of Americans will vote in the coming election. America reaps what it sows. I fear my country is gone. It was a good run but it is gone.

I am so ashamed of America at this point in time. My beloved country is close to electing a madman. I am so ashamed. I have only a few years left. My time is past. Those who have followed me don’t care. I shed blood twice during the Vietnam era. Once for my nation in war and secondly in my effort to stop war. I am most proud of helping to stop the war. People today just don’t care about preserving America.

I do not see an effort to save our nation from Republicans and Donald Trump. People who used to care are gone. People of good conscience, have not replaced those of good will in the past. I am so ashamed of the American people. Donald Trump being so close to victory is not something I can be proud of.
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