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Monday, November 21, 2016

Brown and black people will save our Union

Whites will Destroy America

I can just hear it now. There will be all kinds of accusations that I hate the white race. They will of course be wrong. I don’t hate the white race. I hate American whites. White people around the globe don’t behave like American whites. American whites own their own special brand of venom.

When German whites temporarily went crazy during WWII, whites around the world didn’t follow suite. As American whites slide further and further into their own unique abyss, the rest of the white world isn’t following the American version of insanity. Whites in other parts of the world remain intact.

It's hard to tell what went wrong with white people in America. It's as though a collective insanity has enveloped the crackers’ of our nation. After WWII, a common theme kept emerging by those who recall how mad men took over the German nation. The speed at which the insanity enveloped Germany surprised everyone. The insanity of Donald Trump and his insane white base has a similar flavor. No, we are not at the stage Germany evolved too. However, the insanity of white American is still in its infancy.

I'm white and identify more with black and Latino citizens than I do with my own race. Brown minorities seem to have a better handle on what this country is all about. One doesn't hear the level of hatred coming out of the mouths of our brown/black people as we hear coming from self-righteous white supremacists trying to destroy America. Only the white people in America claim superiority over others. Our Black and Latino populations make no such claims.

Blacks and Latinos aren’t trying to keep people from voting. Blacks and Latinos aren’t t trying to limit people's civil liberties. Blacks and Latinos don't talk about secession or States Rights. Blacks and Latinos don't advocate religious bigotry or discrimination. Blacks and Latinos don't praise sexual predators. Blacks and Latinos don't think it's alright to be a crooked business man.

It's ironic! "Democrats depend on Blacks and Latinos to save our union" 

Isn't that odd? Blacks and Latinos still believe in the things that made this country great. All those Latinas crossing our border believe in America more than the disgusting, paranoid and racist, religious bigots sporting white skin, in America. 

It has become apparent to me, the poorest black, the most destitute Latino, understands what America stands for, better than Donald Trump. The Republican Party, headed by Trump, has become the enemy of freedom loving people all around the world. It’s not just American blacks, Latinos, Muslims and gay citizens living in fear. The world is aghast at what the white people in the United States of America have done. 

Ultimately, the brown people of our nation will save our Union. Quite a reversal of rolls, don't you think? I plan to be with them. I am so ashamed of white people in this nation. It is simply disgusting how they made someone like Trump POTUS. As one celebrity said. "It was a white lash".

The history of mankind has shown there is nothing more dangerous than white people getting out of control. Just disgusting.
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