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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Clinton, Sanders to address strategy to fight Islamic State

Clinton, Sanders to address
strategy to fight Islamic State
By Gary Donovan Snay - Democratic Vision - 11-19/15

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My Comment:
I happen to agree with you. I would consider a Republican if they were not such hypocrites. All I hear from Republicans is name calling and a desire to destroy government.

I'm on Obama Care and get a very good deal. I pay much less than I used too. I'm also on Social Security. All I know is, if all these Republican hypocrites get their way, I will suffer a great deal of harm. Destroying everything and not replace it with something better will not get my vote.

As far as national security goes, I don't want to hear another word from Republicans. They were completely wrong about everything. It would be impossible for Howdy Doodee to make more mistakes than the Republicans have.

Republicans want to point out how Hillary voted for the Iraq war. If there is any fault on Hillary’s vote is that she believed the same lies the rest of the country fell for. The only thing the Bush Administration did really well was lying.

How could Hillary, who is much smarter than all Republicans combined, possibly do worse than the Republicans have? Never trust a Political party that wants to destroy our government, take away our civil liberties such as voting and kill more Americans waging useless wars with no solution in sight. 
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